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Welcome to

Our internal motto might sound funny - okay, it WILL sound funny - but it's By monkeys, for monkeys.

We are a bunch of code monkeys who would do legal documents for law firms who would charge obscene amounts of money. Honestly, it bugged us. People were paying $200-$500 for a rental agreement or promissory note and the whole process of creating the agreement would take us just 20 minutes to do.

That's why we decided to start up instead. Pass the savings onto the consumer. No more spending crazy amounts of money to sit in a law office or real estate office and answer a bunch of questions, then coming back a week later to get your completed rental agreement or promissory note.

Instead, simply visit Simple Forms, spend 5-10 minutes filling in a brief questionnaire to customize your form and boom - you have yourself a completed agreement ready to go.

That's where the second part of our motto comes in, and what our mission statement is: Forms So Simple, A Monkey Could Do It.

We have spent countless hours optimizing all of our forms and agreements to make them as simple as possible to create. Then we've spent even more hours talking with our legal team so we can provide you with the most professional legal forms online.

Take it for a test run. Use the drop-down menu above or click the form you are looking for on the right-hand side. Enter some dummy data, click "Create my Agreement" and you'll see just how easy the whole process is.

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No monkeys were harmed during the form development process.