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3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit Template

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3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit Form Information:

What is a 3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit Form?

A 3 day Notice to Pay or Quit Form is a notice to the tenant that they have a certain amount of days to pay rent, or they must quit and abandon the property that they are currently renting.

This notice to pay or quit is issued to the tenant by the landlord, when the tenant is behind in rent. It is recommended that this three day notice to pay or quit is issued quite promptly, so that the tenant knows how serious the situation is.

State legislation will usually require you to provide at least 3 days notice to the tenant that they need to pay or quit, hence the title of the form three day notice to pay or quit. However the 3 day notice, while a minimum requirement, is also just a guideline. You may wish to give the tenant some leniency, and offer a five day notice to pay or quit.

Our form is customizable for that. One of the fields above lists the days of notice being given, so you can simply put in “5” and turn this notice to pay or quit into a 5 day notice to pay or quit if you wish.

There is some pertinent information that the notice to pay or quit form must include, and we cover all that above in our notice to pay or quit template. First of all, you should add the landlord information, tenant information and the premises information. This includes names, and addresses of the landlord, tenant and the property.

You should then state the date that the rent was due, the current date, and the amount that is now due. When you had the tenant sign the lease agreement, you may have stated that there is a late payment charge if there is rent due, or that the tenant could make partial payments. We have an “explanation” field which will cover ANYTHING you wrote in the original lease to which the tenant agreed to.

You can also, and it is recommended you do, add a proof of services to the notice. This is the type of notice you deliver to the tenant that you really need confirmation they received. If you wish to add any witnesses to the form, or add any additional details we offer the option to do so.

If you would like to see a blank template of our notice to quit or pay rent form, then simply click “Build my Notice”. This will create a blank notice to pay or quit template and you can see exactly what you are getting.

Our notice to the tenant will inform them that the payment was due on a specified date and is now overdue and will also list the balance, and the length of time the tenant has to pay the overdue balance. If the tenant has not paid the balance within the set amount of days, then it is stated that legal proceedings will be started to recover the possession of the aforementioned premises.

Notice to Pay or Quit Formats:

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This means that if you want your notice to pay or quit in Microsoft Word, you can do that. If you want it to open up in your web browser – be it Internet Explorer or Firefox or any other web browser – it will do that. And if you want the document in PDF format to view and print with Adobe Acrobat – you can also do that.