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Acting Consent Agreement

Full Name:
Street Address:

Zip Code:
Phone Number:
E-Mail Address:

Full Name:
Street Address:

Zip Code:
Social Security Number:
Date Of Birth:

Name Of Production:
Director/Producer Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Will there be a person escorting your child to performances etc?

Consent Valid From:


Anything else you wish to add to this agreement?

Date You Will Sign This Agreement:
Add Proof of Service To This Agreement:
Add Witnesses to the signing of this Agreement:

Acting Consent Agreement Information:

This acting consent agreement form is set up for child actors. If a child is acting in something a consent agreement needs to be reached between the production company and the guardian of the child.

It doesn’t matter what type of performance it is. It could be a commercial, or a locally televised show or a theatre production: a child can not act in something without an acting consent agreement being written and agreed to. Even if it is a family production or a friend of the family or something like that – there still needs to be an agreement written between the guardian and the performance.

So to create an acting consent agreement you can simply use our handy form filler above. It makes it extremely easy to make the form that you need to. We make it as simple as possible – save all of the hard work for us!

So for this one you first of all fill in the childs guardian details. Only one guardian is required. You put in their full name and their address, and how to contact them via phone and/or e-mail.

Next you must list the childs details. You need to list not just their name and address but also their social security number, whether they are male or female, and what age they are. You should also list when they were born – we allow you to enter the date of birth for that.

Anyone under 18 requires the acting consent agreement.

Next up what must be listed is details about the performance or production. Where exactly this is located – where the child will be going – as well as the name of the director or producer of the production.

If a person is going to be escorting the child to performances other than the guardian – such as another guardian or a babysitter or a family member – this must also be listed within the acting consent agreement. We allow you to add that option in and it’s your choice whether or not to include it.

Next is the consent dates. You must list when the consent is valid from and until. There must always be an expiration date for the acting consent. If the production runs over then it is simply required that you create another acting consent agreement form for the new dates.

On that note you can create multiple acting consent agreements with our system, or even use underscore to add a blank line and then print it off so you have blank acting consent agreements at your disposal.

If you want to see a blank template of what the acting consent agreement will look like simply click to create the agreement above and it will come up minus all of the information that is required.