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1 Fill in all of the data below to customize the document to your specific requirements.

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3 Finalize your document, and then continue to download it in RTF, PDF or HTML Format directly to your computer.


Full Name:
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Anything else you wish to add to this affidavit?

Date You Will Sign This Affidavit:
Add Proof of Service To This Affidavit:
Add Witnesses to the signing of this Affidavit:


An affidavit is a really generic document which essentially is a factual written statement.

The statement isn’t specific to landlords, or finances or anything – it can be anything that you want.

An affidavit is a statement which you will create or have created, and then printed out and signed in front of a witness. The witness can’t be just anyone however – it has to be someone who has the power to witness the signing under oath. Normally this would be a notary public.

An affidavit is you essentially making a statement and then swearing under oath that said statement is true – except in written format, as opposed to verbal format.

Now – how do we go about creating an affidavit? Its actually really easy.

First of all you will fill in your own name and location or if you are creating this affidavit for someone else, you will fill in their information.

Next you will list the location of the Affidavit and where it is being signed.

Then you will fill in the Affidavit details which is the exact statement that the affiant wishes to make and swear to.

We allow maximum customizability – if you want to add a few more rules to the affidavit for example the “Anything else you wish to add” field will allow you to do that. You can then choose who is witnessing. If it is a notary public then that option is there for you.

When done – click to create the agreement.

This will create your affidavit which covers everything required. It will state that you have been sworn and placed under oath which has the penalty of perjury. It states your name, that you are competent to give this affidavit and then it provides the actual statement you wish to make.

We get people looking to see affidavit templates or blank affidavits. If you wish to see any of those just click to create the affidavit above. You don’t need to fill in any data and you will see what our affidavit template actually looks like.

On top of that if you wish to create multiple affidavits you can do that. You could even just add _______ to the name etc fields and then print off a bunch and save them for a later date.

All of our forms including the affidavit are downloadable as well and are set up for universal access. This means that no matter what operating system you use, what word processing software you use or what web browser you use – you will be able to access any of our forms.

Using Windows 10 and the latest version of Office? No problem. Using Windows 95 and Microsoft Works? No problem! All of our forms are set up for universal access.

So get creating your affidavit today. You’ll be surprised to see just how simple it actually is.