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Bill Of Sale Form Template

All of our forms are set up to apply to the laws and regulations of each individual state. Please select your state so we can configure the document for your specific state regulations.
What Bill of Sale do you need?

Full Name:
Street Address:
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Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Purchase Amount:
Payment Method:

Anything else you wish to add to this Bill of Sale?

Date This Bill of Sale Will Be Signed:
Add Proof of Service To This Bill of Sale:
Add Witnesses to the signing of this Bill of Sale:

Bill of Sale Form Information:

What is a Bill of Sale Form?

A Bill of Sale form is a form used to provide details of a sale/purchase between two people.

Our Bill of Sale form is a multipurpose bill of sale form. If you’re looking for a specific form of bill of sale then look no further – our bill of sale form will serve your needs.

The first thing you need to do when you begin filling in our bill of sale form, is to choose what type of bill of sale form you require. The options are:

Car Bill of Sale Form: This is our most popular bill of sale, and is therefore selected by default. Upon choosing to create the bill of sale form for a car, you will need to specify all the details in regard to the vehicle that you are selling. You should put in the Make and Model of the car, the year of the vehicle, and also what color it is. The VIN #(Vehicle Identification Number) should also be included, as well as information about any legal claims or liens against the car. These should be detailed, as well as information as to when they are removed. The car bill of sale form should also note whether the purchaser of the vehicle had a mechanic inspection, whether an inspection report is being attached to the car bill of sale, or whether the car is being sold “as is”. Information about the Odometer – the current amount on it or an approximation – also needs to be included.

Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form: The Motorcycle Bill of Sale should also include the same information as the Car Bill of Sale Form for the most part. The only difference would be adding in the size of the Motorcycle Engine into the Motorcycle Bill of Sale.

Firearm Bill of Sale Form: If you are purchasing or selling a firearm, it is extremely important that you create a firearm bill of sale. Providing the manufacturer of the weapon, as well as the model and serial number is enough.

Miscellaneous Bill of Sale Form: As you can see, we’ve created an open-ended miscellaneous bill of sale form option to cover your bill of sale form needs. Whether you are looking for a trailer bill of sale form, a watercraft bill of sale form, an rv bill of sale form or hell even a horse bill of sale form – you’ll be able to create that with our free bill of sale form generator.

That’s the specific details that needs to be on a bill of sale, depending on the TYPE of bill of sale. What else is needed? Well all bill of sale forms should list the seller – their name and address. The form should also list the buyer, and their name and address.

The form also needs to list the purchase price of the item or items, as well as the form of payment made. Finally, the date that the bill of sale will be signed should be added.

That’s really all you need to get a bill of sale form filled in. It is important when purchasing or buying items, especially for a large price, that a bill of sale is issued as proof or receipt.

State Specific Bill of Sale Forms:

Our bill of sale form is set up for specific states, due to different regulations in different States. When you choose the state that you currently reside in, our free bill of sale template will change to match your needs, and write down any additional details per state.

So if you are looking for a Texas Bill of Sale, Colorado Bill of Sale or Florida Bill of Sale then you can use our Bill of Sale form above – it’ll create it all to match your state-specific needs and requirements.

Bill of Sale Formats:

Ease of use is important here at Simple Forms. Upon creation of your Bill of Sale, you will have the option of purchasing it for a small fee. We will then immediately provide the form for you in PDF format, RTF format, and HTML format.

We’ve had a few questions in regard to RTF Format. RTF stands for Rich Text Format, and that means the Bill of Sale can be opened in ANY Word Processing software, such as iWorks, Microsoft Office etc. You can even use Wordpad or Notepad to open it. Also any mobile document office software such as Documents To Go will open your Bill of Sale.

You will also have access to the Bill of Sale form for at LEAST a week, meaning you can create unlimited free printable bill of sale forms. We do not set a limit so you can create as many bill of sale forms as you like, use as many bill of sale templates as you like, at no charge.