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11/5/2013 Update: YouTube Channel Created

Hi everyone,

This week we started our very own YouTube channel.

We understand that sometimes when you look at one of the agreements on here – particularly the long ones – it can look very daunting. And you don’t want to spend 20 minutes filling in a Commercial Lease Agreement with no idea of how it will actually turn out.

So we decided to create YouTube videos showing exactly how the process works. We have created a YouTube video for EVERY form on the website and will continue to do so when we add new forms.

Here is a link to the YouTube Channel.

And here is an example of one of the videos – our Commercial Lease Agreement:

So if you’re looking to create forms at but not sure how the process works then just check out our videos. We show you the whole process from navigating the website to actually downloading the document after completion.

Hopefully this makes it easier for everyone. Thanks for using us and watching our videos. Staff