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12/2/2013: Cyber Monday Special – 50% Off Platinum License

Our special has been extended ALL WEEK due to the popularity of it. It will now expire on Sunday, December 8th at 11:59pm EST. Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed this great deal!

(Original post with all details)

Hi everyone, is offering a 50% Discount on our Platinum License for Cyber Monday.

Our Platinum License allows you unlimited access to EVERY form on for one year from the date of purchase. So during that period you can create for example 20 rental agreements, 15 Notice to Enter Forms, 16 Promissory Notes, 8 Bill of Sales – whatever you want! It is completely unlimited and you can create as many forms as you wish.

Even better – the Platinum License is not restricted to just our current forms. It also includes all new forms that we add to! We are aiming to add one document per week to the site(and sometimes more). If you give us 3-4 weeks notice on a document you are looking for we may even be able to bump that up the priority list, and get it added.

Platinum license users also get priority customer support.

The Platinum License is usually priced at $55, however for Cyber Monday it is reduced to $27.50. This deal will expire Tuesday, December 3rd(are we seriously already in December?!) at 10am EST.

Our standalone platinum page is having issues at the moment, so to purchase the platinum license please do the following:

  1. Choose any form. For example – the Notice to Pay or Quit.
  2. Scroll to below the form and click “Create My Agreement”. No need to enter any data.
  3. Click “Form Complete? Download Now”.
  4. On the payment page, choose the Platinum License option. It will be clearly marked, indicating the $27.50 Cyber Monday Special

That’s all you need to do! If you have any issues at all simply contact us and we will get it resolved ASAP.

Thanks, and have a fun Cyber Monday. A lot easier shopping for deals from the comfort of your own home, that’s for sure!