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3 New Forms Added

With it getting closer and closer to Summer, we’ve been busy as bees here at the offices.

We recently acquired another forms website and merged them into our website. So now it’s a case of going through the forms that they offered, and then getting them all updated and checking them all with our team, before making them go live.

We’ve currently added the following three forms:

Confidentiality Agreement: If you are a business looking to provide confidential information to someone, then you need a confidentiality agreement to protect yourself. This document does that for you. It’s set up for multiple disclosing parties and multiple recipients, and of course has an expiration date where you can set it by months or years. If you wish to add a non-compete clause you can do that as well and set the length of time that must last, and finally you are able to add geographic boundaries. Like all forms on Simple Forms, you can also add any additional data to the form that is not included within.

Booth Rental Agreement: If you are looking to rent a booth out, then our booth rental agreement offers a lot of details and everything you could ever ask for. From set agreement start and end dates to a renewal cycle, and the option to set security deposit details and sublet details – anything you need in a booth rental agreement, our form has it for you.

Lease Agreement Modification: Sometimes, you will need to modify a lease. Perhaps you initially said no pets, and then you decided to let the tenants have pets. Or maybe you are changing the rent amount. Whatever it is we have a great lease agreement modification document set up for you. It’s very easy to use and highly customizable – you can change anything you wish for the lease agreement you originally signed.

We will be adding more forms in the coming days.