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5/23/2014 Blog: Storage Agreement Added

Hi guys,

We continue to strive to add new forms to Our goal is generally 1-2 forms per week, but this can depend on a lot of factors for example the complexity of the forms, as well as what else we are focused on work wise.

We haven’t added any new forms in a couple of weeks as we were busy upgrading the server. We’re getting more and more people every day visiting, so we wanted to make everything as smooth as possible for all visitors and so it doesn’t affect any existing visitors. That went very well, and we’re now ready to add new forms again.

We added a Storage Agreement Form today. This form allows a person or persons to rent out a storage space.

It’s highly customizable, to allow you to create the perfect Storage Agreement that will suit your needs. And like all the forms on here it is distributed in three separate formats: PDF, RTF and HTML.

RTF is one that you can use to further edit the Storage Agreement if our template doesn’t suit your needs. If there are paragraphs you feel should be omitted you can easily do that by downloading our storage agreement template in RTF and opening it up in Microsoft Word etc.

As always, thank you for supporting We’ll be sure to do a storage agreement video in the future.