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Final Notice & Lease Co-Sign Agreement Added

Hi guys,

We added two new forms this week.

The first one is a Final Notice Before Legal Action which we filed under the financial forms category.

We recieved requests from landlords for this one – it’s basically a notice to a recipient stating “This is your last chance to pay the money you owe, otherwise we’re going to our attorney or a collection agency”.

The form is set up with the usual custom options – for example, if you’ve already went to a collection agency then you can choose that option within it.

While it was requested by landlords, we decided to open it up for everyone and that way you can use it if you are collecting a debt for a loan etc.

The other one we created was a Lease Co-Sign Agreement. This one IS filed under landlord forms – if your tenant needs a co-signer for the lease, then they need to create a lease co-sign agreement.

You can either direct the tenant to this form, or do it for the tenant.