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Boat Rental Agreement Preview

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THIS BOAT RENTAL AGREEMENT (the "Agreement") is entered into on this, ______________ _____, ________.








The Agreement is in relation to the following boat:
  • Name:
  • Type:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Year:
  • HIN #:
Hereinafter referred to as ("Boat").

The Owner and Renters agree to the following terms and conditions in regard to the renting of the Boat:
    The Boat shall be rented from on , at and shall be returned to on , at .

    The Renters agrees that they will pay $

    Rental payments for the Boat can be made via the following methods: .

    The Renters agrees to the following terms in regards to the Boat:
    1. The Boat shall be operated in a safe and lawful manner.
    2. The Boat shall not be operated by any person except the Renters without written permission by the Owner.
    3. The Renters shall not remove or tamper with any of the Boat equipment.
    4. The Boat shall not be used to participate in any race, competition or stunts.
    5. The Boat will not be used to carry passengers or property for hire.
    6. The Boat shall not be used to carry passangers and property in excess of the rated capacity of the boat.
    7. The Boat shall at no time have more passengers than the maximim limit of people.
    8. The Boat shall not at any time be used for any illegal purpose.

    The Owner represents that to the best of his knowledge and belief that said Boat (and motor, if any) is free from any known faults or deficiencies which would affect safe and reliable operation under normal and prudent usage.
    The Owner further represents that all required lifesaving and safety equipment are aboard the boat and in good order and condition at the time of delivery to the Renters

    The Owner acknowledges an active insurance policy covering the Renters and passengers for any damages incurred to the boat and its equipment, fire, theft, loss of vessel and personal liability. The premium is included in the rental price. The renter may choose to take supplemental insurance to cover any deductable.
    The insurance policy does not cover personal injury to the Renters or passengers. The Renters and any passengers are encouraged to seek injury insurance elsewhere.
    The Owner is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal property belonging to the Renter or passengers.
    The Owner is not responsible for any indirect damages caused to the renter such as difficulties between the renter and passengers, non-execution or partial execution of this Agreement or acts of God.

    This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of .

The parties hereby indicate by their signatures below that they have read and agree with the terms and conditions of this Agreement in its entirety.

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