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Boat Rental Agreement with Pet Policy

Boat Rental Agreement with Pet Policy

If you often rent out your boat to pet parents, you may need to consider drawing up a Boat Rental Agreement with Pet Policy. This doesn’t differ much from the standard boat rental agreements.

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You will still need to include your personal information as well as the renters. With our rental agreement template, you can fill information for two boat owners and four boat renters.

The personal information section captures everything from full name to postal code, street address, and State. As the boat owner, this information makes it easy for you to trace the renters in case anything happens.

Next, you need to add the boat information. State the boat name, make, year, type, and model. It is also advisable to add the Hull Identification Number, especially for insurance purposes.

With the boat make, type, and year clearly outlined, the renters can tell whether this is the right vessel for the adventure they are looking forward to.
Now you need to add the rental duration. Put the dates for the beginning and end of the rental period.

You can also state the departure and return time, as well as the port of departure and return. This way, all parties know what is expected of them when the boat is in their hands.

The boat rental amount also needs to be clearly outlined. Our template comes with space where you can put the total amount and specify the already paid duration.

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This payment section also allows you to choose from a variety of payment options. Do you want the client to pay in cash, check, money order, or credit card?
You may also want to specify whether there is a late return policy, fuel charge, and cancellation clause. This will shield you from renters who say one thing but do not hold their end of the bargain.

After the payment section, our template allows you to state your terms and conditions. For example, when making a Boat Rental Agreement with Pet Policy, you must state what you feel about pets inside the boat.

Among the first things you need to make clear is the number of people allowed inside the boat.

It is also important to state whether alcohol is allowed onboard. You can also restrict the area the boat can be used, especially because rules and regulations differ depending on the state.

Do you allow the boat to be used for towing services? Is a trailer included in your charges?

All this information should be captured in the terms and conditions section. There is also a section where you can add anything else you wish.

In case the rental agreement comes with a Pet Policy, state if pets are allowed or not. What pets are allowed, and how many at any given time? You can add this information in the additional details section.

Lastly, our template allows you to state when you will be signing the agreement and if witnesses are necessary.

Once done, you can generate your Boat Rental Agreement with Pet Policy and see how it looks. Edit if necessary until you capture all the necessary information.
You can then go ahead to print, send, or save your simple yet professional looking boat rental agreement.

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