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Booth Rental Agreement Preview

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THIS BOOTH RENTAL AGREEMENT (the "Agreement") is entered into on this, ______________ _____, ________.







In regards to the Booth located at:




The Landlord and Tenants do hereby agree to abide by the the terms set out in this Agreement. The terms of this Agreement are as follows:


    The Space is described by landlord as follows: .


    The tenant shall be using The Space as follows: .

    The Tenants agree to use the space solely for the aforementioned reasons. Tenants shall not use the space or permit the space to be used in an unlawful manner, or in any such manner that breach ordinance or regulations now, or hereafter in force and applicable to the space. Any person within the space shall at all times comply with all property rules and regulations in existence.

  3. RENT
    Tenants shall pay to Landlord Dollars ($ USD) every (the "Rent"). Payments will be made on or before for the entire term of this Agreement. Payments can be made in the following forms: .
    Payments are to be made at In the event that any payment by Tenants is returned for insufficient funds ("NSF") or a stop payment, Tenants shall reimburse Landlord any related charges or fees incurred. Landlord may also require in writing that Tenants pay Rent in cash for three months, and that all future Rent payments shall be remitted by Tenants to Landlord by money order or cashier's check.



    Tenants agrees that at all times they shall keep and maintain the space in a clean and neat condition, and in a good state of repair. Tenants shall, at their own expense, promptly repair any damages to the space caused by any act of the Tenants or any agent, employee, customer, guest or invitee of Tenants. Tenants will not in any manner deface or damage the space.

    Tenants also agrees to make no structural changes or any other alteration to the space without the prior consent of Landlord. Tenants shall return the space promptly to Landlord at the end of the term of this agreement, or at any earlier termination in as good condition as the space was at the beginning of the term of this agreement, with ordinary wear and tear excepted.

    If the space are partially or totally destroyed or damage by fire or another hazard, Landlord shall repair and restore the space as soon as it may be reasonable practicable to considerably the same condition in which the space were before such damage. However in the event the space are completely destroyed or are so damaged that they cannot reasonable be used, then this agreement may be terminated by Landlord by serving written notice of such termination to the Tenants
    If Tenants fails to fulfill or perform any obligation under this Agreement, Tenants shall be in default of this Agreement. Tenants shall receive days' notice by Landlord to cure the default (i.e. Non-payment of rent). In the event Tenants does not cure a default, Landlord may at Landlord option cure such default and the cost will be added to Tenants financial obligations under this Agreement, or declare Tenants in default of the Agreement. Landlord may re-enter the space and re-take possession of the space in the event of default. After default, Tenants may be held liable for the balance of the unpaid rent under this Agreement if Landlord cannot re-let the space during the remaining term of this Agreement.

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