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Booth Rental Agreement

Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Provide a description and details about the booth/space being rented:
Provide details on what the tenant will be using the booth for:
Booth Street Address:
Zip Code:

Agreement Type:

Agreement start date:

Agreement Renewal Cycle:

Tenant will pay rent by the:
Rent amount:

Payment methods accepted:
Rent date:
(ie: beginning of the month)

Payments to go to:

Is there a late rent payment penalty?

Is there a returned/bounced check penalty?

Provide eviction notice/termination details?

Is there a security deposit?
Amount: $
Non-payment of rent:
Days Notice

Is the tenant permitted to sublet the booth?

Has the tenant been able to inspect the booth?

Is the landlord responsible for utilities payments?

Is the landlord responsible for tax payments?

Is the landlord providing equipment to the tenant?

Anything else you wish to add to this notice?

Date You Will Sign This Notice:
Add Proof of Service To This Agreement:
Add Witnesses to the signing of this Agreement:

Customizable Booth Rental Agreement:

If you’re looking for a fully customizable Booth Rental Agreement or template then you have came to the right place.

If you are looking to rent out a booth then our form has you covered. It details practically anything you would want in a booth rental agreement.

First of all, you will fill out the landlords name and the tenants name. Then we get to the agreement details, where we provide information about the actual property that is being rented out.

Next you choose the payment options. You can choose for it to be paid on a daily, weekly or monthly basis at a certain rate, and also list when exactly payments begin and end, as well as where they will be made.

You then have options like if there is a late charge on the rent, what that amount will be. It should also be stated what exactly the tenant is planning to use the Booth for within the agreement. You can also choose whether to allow the tenant so lease or sublet the property or not.

If you wish for there to be any limitations as to what is allowed on the premises or not, you can add that. If the tenant breaks the lease agreement in any way, you can stage how many days notice they will receive to actually do something about it, otherwise they will be held liable.

If you are providing the tenant with any equipment then that must be mentioned within the Booth Rental Agreement as well. And the agreement will have details in regard to the maintenance of the premises, and how they cannot deface the property or damage it at all.

You must also note whether or not you or the tenant is paying utilities and taxes, as well as the “Hold Harmless” clause and whether or not you wish to include that.

Both parties then must of course sign the booth rental agreement.

Our form is set up to make it as accessible and user-friendly as possible. You simply choose the options above that you wish to be included, and fill in any required data. As you can see it’s just like our name – this is a simple booth rental agreement that is set up to cover any and all requirements that you need.

If you wish to see a preview of the booth rental agreement template then simply click “Create My Agreement”. That will show you an example of how the agreement will look. Of course it will look incomplete due to the data not all being in and selected, but you will get an idea of what the completed booth rental agreement looks like.