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California Boat Rental Agreement

California Boat Rental Agreement

Renting out your boat is a great way to earn some income. Instead of your boat staying docket at your favorite harbor for days, you can rent it out to other boating lovers and earn a handsome amount in the process.

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However, before renting it out, you need to draw up a legally binding document that covers you in case something happens.

If renting a boat for an excursion in Lake Tahoe, you have to develop a California boat rental agreement as rules and regulations differ depending on the state.

Thankfully, completing your rental agreement doesn’t have to be hard. With our rental agreement generator, you can have your professional-looking, comprehensive yet straightforward agreement in a matter of minutes.

How to Create Your California Boat Rental Agreement

We already have a detailed template in place, so all you have to do is fill in the necessary details. First, you need to write your name, address, and location.

Next is the renter’s personal information. In the case of more than one renter, the template allows you to include up to four names.

After the personal information, you need to capture the boat’s information. There are enough gaps to note down the boat type, make, year, and hull number.
What follows is the rental agreement in terms of duration, the port where the boat will be collected and returned.

Be sure to specify the start and end of the rental dates, so all parties involved are clear on what is expected of them.

Next is the rental amount. You get to specify whether the rent is already paid for the entire time or calculated on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rate.
The template also contains different payment methods so you can tick against the ones your clients can pay for the boat rental.

In this same section, you can also state whether there is a late return policy or a cancellation clause. The last thing you need is a late return when you have another client waiting for the same boat.

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You also get to specify whether a fuel charge is part of the rental agreement.

Once the payment bit is done, you get to state your terms and conditions. Do you allow alcohol in your boat?

If you limit the boat usage to a certain area, this is where you also make your statement. If you have drawn up a California Boat Rental Agreement, it is important to let the renter know that the boat shouldn’t be used outside the state.

There is also a section where you can add any other information you would like.

Last is the signature, witness, and proof of the agreement section. You can specify the date you wish to sign the contract or leave this part blank.

Generate Rental Agreement

After filling all this information, your California Boat Rental Agreement is almost ready. Just click create an agreement to see how the final document will look like.

If you need to change any detail, just go back and edit as necessary.

Once you are satisfied, print the rental agreement or just email it to your client for their perusal and signing.

Start creating your Boat Rental Agreement for free – click here.