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California Promissory Note

One of the most popular forms on is our Promissory Note, and we have our Promissory Note set up for every single State in America.

So if you are looking for a California Promissory Note then we’re the website for you.

You can start creating your promissory note IMMEDIATELY too – simply click here.

Our system will prompt you for your state and when you select that, it will adjust the promissory note so that it’s set up for the great state of California, regardless of the city.

California Promissory Note Details:

If you’re not sure how to set up a Promissory note don’t worry – our system holds your hand throughout the process.

We’ve also automatically filled in everything for you that you need basically – the only things you need to fill in is the information that applies to this specific contract you are making.

For example the first thing you need to fill in are the Lenders and Borrowers details. You can set multiple lenders and multiple borrowers with the click of a button and you’ll fill in their names and addresses.

Next we tackle the actual payment amount. So first of all you’ll list the borrowing amount and then the repay amount if it differs. Then you’ll choose how repayments are to be made. If they are on a set schedule such as monthly or weekly or if they are going to be in one full time payment amount.

Then we’ve got a few additional details to cover. For example when do repayments actually begin for this amount and also if there is a payment schedule you can attach one. If there is a penalty for late or missed payments then you can add that into it with our system as well.

If the borrower is providing collateral that should be mentioned within the document as well. Our California Promissory Note allows you to do exactly that – add in that there is collateral and the description of it.

There may be some items within the Promissory Note that you want to include that we haven’t covered. We have an entire section where you can add anything you wish to the note to offer you the maximum customizability.

The note itself then covers a variety of topics usually in a California Promissory Note such as Binding Effect, Modifications and Amendments and the Governing Law.

Printable California Promissory Note:

Obviously our promissory note is printable otherwise it’d not be too helpful!

We offer it a downloadable California promissory note in 4 different formats. You can then print it via any of those formats.

The first format is PDF which is available to be opened and printed via Adobe Acrobat.

The next format is RTF and DOC. Both of these can be opened in Microsoft Word and RTF or Rich Text Format documents can be opened in any sort of Word Processing Software – so you will be able to open it on any computer and print it off.

The final format is HTML which can be opened in any web browser. In terms of printing it may not look great but it does the job regardless.

So get creating your California Promissory Note right now.