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California Rent To Own Agreement

This article contains everything you need to know to create your very own California Rent To Own Agreement.

If you’ve never prepared a rent to own agreement for California before or you aren’t too sure exactly what is needed in one then be sure to keep reading so you can fully understand how to create a rent to own agreement that covers California.

If however you know how to create one and just want to get started on your California Rent To Own Agreement, click here.

This will take you to our rent to own agreement generator and it will prompt you for the State. When you select California it will make any appropriate changes so that when you are finished your agreement, it is suitable for California.

Our California Rent To Own Agreement will cover ALL cities in California. Whether it’s Los Angeles or Lincloln or Long Beach – you get to input any city you wish.

What’s Needed In A California Rent To Own Agreement:

In rent to own agreements covering California, our system asks you for all the customizable information that is needed to customize the agreement to your needs.

It then inputs a lot of default information required in a rent to own agreement in California such as the Quiet Enjoyment rule or the Notice to Excercise Option. It also includes details such as a waiver, binding effect and what happens in the case of Abandonment.

However that’s all information which is already in the agreement – although you can make any necessary edits if you wish – but what about the information which you enter to customize the agreement to your needs?

Well first of all our form will ask you for the the basics – the landlords name and address and the tenants name and address. If there’s multiple landlords or tenants our system is set up to allow you to easily enter those.

Then it asks for premises details such as the type of premises as well as the address and then a whole lot of details about the property. Such as whether pets are permitted, if smoking is permitted, if there is parking details you wish to outline in the agreement etc.

After that you set the type of agreement as well as details on whether there’s an existing agreement, if the tenant has independant legal advice etc.

Next you’ll cover the specific details to the rent to own -the purchase amount and option to purchase amount, as well as the rent amount and the amount of rent that goes towards the purchase.

Next you go into specifics about the rent and the rent payment schedule as well as the methods the tenant(s) can make to pay the rent. You’ll also of course cover stuff such as penalties for the rent if there is a late payment or a bounced check, and if there is a security deposit.

Then you’ll cover the basics of any agreement like this such as utilities, amenties, furniture – that sort of thing.

This may all seem overwhelming but we’ve made it very simple for you – we hold your hand throughout the process and ask the questions you need. Give it a try today – click here.