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Cease and Desist

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Cease And Desist:

Cease and Desist forms are one of the most common type of forms and one of the most popular forms used here at

A cease and desist form is essentially what it sounds like – a form to tell a person to stop what they are doing, and stop them from doing it in the future.

One example – you run a website, and you have content on it that you wrote. Or photographs on it that you took. Another website is using the content or the photograph. Even if they are giving credit – if they have not asked for your permission to use your materials they are in violation of the law and are infringing on your work or copyright.

In that case you would send them a cease and desist letter informing them not just to stop – but not to do it again in the future.

Or someone is harassing you – maybe in the workplace or in your personal life. It could even be over the internet. You may not wish to get the police involved at this stage – you’d rather note escalate it. So in that case you would send them a cease and desist letter informing them to stop the harassment.

We actually have multiple cease and desist letters set up within the one form. Let’s go over them and how you can customize them:

Digital Copyright Infringement Cease & Desist: This form is in regard to any sort of digital copyright infringement such as content theft, picture theft on a website etc. You would fill it in with your name or your website or company name and if you know the name of the copyright infringer, their name.

Next provide details as to the material that is copyrighted. If it is pictures describe the picture, if it is content list the article titles and possibly a description of what is contained. Next you put the website URLs where your copyrighted material is displayed.

Non-Digital Copyright Infringement: Fill in your company name or your name, and then if you know the name of the copyright infringer fill it in. Next write a description of all of the material that has been infringed, and provide details as to how it was infringed.

Stop Harassment Cease & Desist: This cease and desist form is for you to write to someone who is harassing you and inform them that they are to cease and desist from harassing you. The key thing to do with this is to list all of the reasons or methods that they are harassing you and when they are doing it. It’s very important to do that and to log everything. Be as factual as possible and don’t embellish. Bullet lists essentially – listing all of the harassment attempts – where and when.

Stop Debt Collectors Cease & Desist: If a debt collection agency is erroneously harassing you about a debt you can issue them a cease and desist. Simply fill in the form above with their name and the account number – and if there is a specific collection agent then mention their name too.