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Chargeback Warning: Jorge Ramos of Shreveport, Louisiana

On June 1st, 2018 a person with the e-mail address purchased a Rent To Own agreement from our website.

They were able to create the form successfully and via our logs were able to download the form. We had no support issues from them, so it looks like everything went successfully.

The payment was made by a Jorge A. Ramos.

However 2 weeks later, a chargeback was issued stating “charge not recognized”.

We attempted to contact Jorge Ramos at the e-mail address above to see if there was an issue, however they did not respond to multiple correspondences. We had no choice but to refund the chargeback and incur a penalty for that.

The Rent To Own agreement is for a property located at 5002 General Polk Drive, Bossier City, Louisiana. The landlord is Jorge Ramos, 2058 Shadywood Ln, Shreveport Louisiana.