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Chargeback Warning: T. Adrian Martinez of Garland, Texas

On October 8th, 2018 a Vehicle Bill of Sale was purchased from our website for $5.99.

The purchaser was a T. Adrian Martinez, with the e-mail address

The vehicle bill of sale was between:

AA Max Auto, J Harker


T. Adrian Martinez and Jessica Martinez of Garland, Texas

We have verified that all of the information in the vehicle bill of sale was correct, and that the document was downloaded upon completion.

On October 17th, 2018 we received a chargeback notification from our Paypal provider. The purchaser stated it was an “unauthorized transaction”.

We verified that the payment details matched up with the people listed within the Vehicle Bill of Sale and immediately contacted them about this. I mean it is possible it isn’t a fraudulent chargeback and that they didn’t recognize our payment processor ( on their credit card.

Unfortunately they did not reply to us. We sent them numerous e-mails and also contacted them via social media.

We had no choice but to refund the chargeback and incur a fee due to this.