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Chicago Rental & Lease Agreements

If you are looking for Chicago Rental and Lease Agreements – whether it be for a residential location or a commercial location – you’ve came to the right place.

We offer both residential and commercial lease agreements for Chicago.

Before we go any further if you just want to jump in and get started creating your agreement, here are the relevant links:

Chicago Residential Rental Agreement
Chicago Residential Lease Agreement
Chicago Commercial Rental Agreement
Chicago Commercial Lease Agreement

When you click any of the links above to access an agreement, it will immediately prompt you for your state. Put Illinois obviously, and it will then change things so that everything in the agreement you create applies only to Illinois. Then after that when you put in the premises location of Chicago, it will do the same but for the city of Chicago.

Easy enough right? Give it a whirl by clicking any of the links above. You can even see a preview of what your agreement looks like as you go – just click the bottom link to “Create My Agreement” and you can see what it looks like after you fill some of the data on – or just click that to see a blank Chicago Rental or Lease Agreement.

Information Needed for a Chicago Rental Agreement:

Before creating your rental or lease agreement there’s some information you’ll need. Thankfully our system allows to save your answers – so if you are working on it and think “Darn I don’t know the answer to that” your work isn’t wasted – you can click to save your answers and come back to it later on.

However here is the information you should have in advance – most of it you’ll have we expect but better safe than sorry:

– Landlord name and address.
– Tenants name and address.
– Property address.
– Specific rule knowledge of the property such as parking details, whether the tenant is allowed to sublet, if pets are permited or if smoking is permitted. If it’s a commercial property, details on signage can be helpful too.
– This ones for commercial rental or lease agreements – any modifications the tenant is allowed to make on the property.
– Details on the rent. The amount, the payment schedule for rent, and where they are to pay it plus any penalties in relation to late rent, bounced checks etc. For commercial properties you may wish to receive a percentage of the profit or sales and you can include that too if that’s the case.
– Rules in regard to the responsibilities for the tenant. If the tenant has to regularly clean or maintain the exernal area etc. Also if the tenant is to pay utilities or a percentage of utilities, and if furniture and appliances are included etc.
– Again just for commercial – but things such as whether an inspection report or blueprints are enclosed, as well as whether there is an exclusive use clause or not.

We also allow you to add ANYTHING you wish if our Chicago rental agreement doesn’t cover what you’d like to add.

So get on over and test out our Residential Agreement or Commercial Agreement today.