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Connecticut Boat Rental Agreement

Connecticut Boat Rental Agreement

Are you in search of a comprehensive Connecticut Boat Rental Agreement?

Our rental agreement generator will ensure that you get what you are looking for in a matter of minutes.

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Whether you have friends who want to explore the picturesque Squantz Pond State Park for a day or clients who want to spend a week or two in Bantam Lake, you can draw up a professional rental agreement in three simple steps.

Even better, the different categories and details are already outlined, so all you have to do is customize them to match your needs.

Connecticut Boat Rental Agreement Template

Below are some highlights of our rental agreement template.

Personal information

This part captures you and the renter’s personal information. There is space for filling the names, city, and postal addresses for all parties involved.
In case you co-own the boat with someone else, the template also allows you to fill in the other owner’s information. For the renters, you can fill the personal information of up to four individuals.

Boat Information

This part contains the name, make, and age of your boat. There is also space to fil the type, model, and hull identification number.

This information is vital for the renter and also the insurer in case anything happens to your boat. It is important to be truthful and fill all the boat data so your clients can plan with the right information in mind.

Rental Payments

What is the boat rental amount? How often will the rent be paid, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly?

This is where you get to fill in all these details, so the payment terms are clear. This part also captures the payment mode.

You can tick more than one payment method or specify the only one you will accept. There is also an option of including the cancellation clause, late return policy, and fuel charge if any.

Start creating your Boat Rental Agreement for free – click here.

Rental Terms/Conditions

The information captured here include the number of people allowed inside the boat, the area usage is limited to, and specific time of use. For example, when making Connecticut Boat Rental Agreement, you can specify which lakes the boat can be used.

Is a trailer for easy transportation of the boat part of the deal? This information is also captured in the rental terms and conditions section.

You also get a chance to state whether you allow the boat to be used for towing services or not. If you do not encourage the use of alcohol inside the boat, you also make a note in this section of the rental agreement.

At the bottom of the document is a portion where you can include any other information not captured by the template.

Signing/Proof of service to agreement/Witnesses

Here you include the day you are going to sign the agreement or just leave the area blank. You can also indicate how the client can provide Proof to the Connecticut Boat Rental Agreement.

In case there is a need to have a witness to the signing of the agreement, you can note the number. There is a chance to select one, two, or a notary public, or just choose none where there are no witnesses.

Once all details are filled, just heat the generate boat rental agreement, and you will have a solid custom document with you. You can email a copy to your client or print one out as you wait to finalize the deal with your client.

Start creating your Boat Rental Agreement for free – click here.