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Domain Sale Agreement

Domain Details:
Domain Name:

Existing Website Included In Sale?

Limits on seller building similar or competing website:

Seller Details:
Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Buyers Details:
Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Payment Details:
Purchase Price of Domain:
Payment Method:

Payment Due Date:

Anything else you wish to add to this notice?

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Domain Sale Agreement Information:

Every day, websites and domains are bought and sold all over the internet.

Yet many people are doing it without creating a simple contract.

What this is doing is putting you at risk – either as the purchaser or the seller. If you are purchasing a domain – even if you use escrow – there are still issues in regard to all of this. People can claim they were hacked or they can pull out of the sale or even have backdoor code in. It’s scary the amount of stories we hear from people who were doing a domain transaction, sent the money and end up not getting the website in full or even the domain.

On the flip side – if you are the seller, purchasers often run scams and even if you do escrow – which most don’t – it won’t always fully protect you.

It is extremely important that you create a domain sale agreement or domain purchase agreement for every single domain you buy or sell. Even if it seems like a hassle and even if it’s for a small amount like $100 or less – it’s much better to take 5 minutes to get this agreement created and signed than risk getting scammed.

Creating a domain sale agreement contract is extremely easy thanks to our form generator above.

The first thing you do is put in the name of the domain. If it is multiple domains you can either list them all, or you can simply say “See List Below” or similar. And then near the bottom of the form generator is “Anything Else You Wish to Add To This Notice?” and you can put all of the domains there.

In some cases a website will go along with the domain purchase/sale and other times it won’t. We allow you to have the option to select if the existing website will be included in the sale.

Sometimes you may wish to limit the seller on building a competitive website. This makes sense because if they have an established customer base it would be easy for them to sell the website to you, then create a new website and contact the existing customer base. If they know the niche or demographic well you may also not want them to compete with you.

You will then enter the seller and buyer details. We offer the option to list multiple sellers and multiple buyers if there are partnerships involved.

Next up is the payment details section where you list how the payment will be made, when the payment is due, and then the amount. If it is a package deal then you can just put the amount of the total in there or separate it all by individual prices. Again you may wish to add it all to the “Anything Else” section below.

Once all that is done you click to create the agreement. You will then see what your domain name purchase agreement will look like. It lists everything you included as well as various other items such as the properties, the page layouts, the seller warranties and duties and much more. As you can see there is a lot to it! This is to 100% protect both the purchaser and the seller in the case of any issues that arise.