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Equipment Rental Agreement

Owners/Renters Details:
Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Provide a detailed description of the equipment being rented:

Equipment Rental Start Date:
Equipment Rental End Date:
Start Time:
End Time:

Equipment Rental Amount:
Rent Paid:
Payment methods accepted:
Is there a late return penalty?

Would you like to specify delivery details?

Would you like to specify installation arrangements?

Is there a security deposit?

Is the rentee responsible for insurance?

Anything else you wish to add to this Agreement?

Date You Will Sign This Agreement:
Add Proof of Service To This Agreement:
Add Witnesses to the signing of this Agreement:

Equipment Rental Agreement

Our Equipment Lease Rental Agreement allows you to customize and create your very own agreement if you are looking to rent out your equipment, or looking to rent equipment off someone.

Our equipment rental agreement is very simple to use and it will take you just mere minutes to create an agreement suitable to your needs. Our form is set up to accommodate practically everyone no matter who they are or what they would want to put in an equipment rental.

So if you want to create a very simple equipment rental agreement or a more complex one we have you covered either way.

To create your equipment rental there are a few required details from you and then everything else is optional.

FIrst up you will add in the Owners details – the person who is renting out the equipment – followed by the Rentees details – this is the person who is renting the equipment.

Our form is set up to allow you to enter multiple owners or multiple rentees if need be.

Next you need to provide details as to what the equipment is that is being rented.

Then you fill in the start date and time of the rental and when the rental period ends.

The next section is in regard to finances and here you put the amount of the rental and whether that is the amount for the entire term of the agreement or if it ise an hourly, daily fee etc. You can then choose what payment methods can be accepted by you.

We should note at this time that all of this is completely editable – upon completion of the document you will be able to download it and open it up on your computer. If you didn’t want to list payment methods for example you could easily just remove that section.

If there is a late return penalty for the equipment – and there probably should be to make sure you get it back on time – we have a section dedicated to detailing that.

The next section is entirely optional and is a few no/yes questions. It’s where if you want to you can specify the delivery details, installation details, if there is a security deposit and if the rentee is responsible for insurance.

What if there is something else you want in here that we forgot to include? No problem at all. Just click the “Anything else you wish to add to this Agreement?” button and you can add anything you need in there.

Then we have the basic options like proof by mail or delivery if you want proof of service, the date you will be signing the agreement and if you are adding witnesses.

When you click “Create My Agreement” you will get to see what it looks like with all of your data inputted. And if you wanted to create a blank equipment rental agreement then you can do that just by clicking “Create My Agreement” without inputting any data. Then you could have a printable blank Equipment Rental Agreement.

So that is how you create an Equipment Rental Agreement. Get started today!