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Final Notice Before Legal Action

Senders Information:
Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Recipients Information:
Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Is there an account number?

Amount Owed:
Provide details as to why the money is owed:

(ie: No rent payment for 2 months, you may wish to mention what you have attempted to do to recover the funds too)
Has this been turned over to a third party yet?
Number of Days To Settle Before Legal Action Pursued:

Anything else you wish to add to this notice?

Date You Will Sign This Notice:
Add Proof of Service To This Agreement:
Add Witnesses to the signing of this Agreement:


Our Final Notice Before Legal Action form was a form that was requested to us from landlords, however we decided to make it a more general form so that it will apply to everyone.

We all have conflicts with people. It could be a tenant that owes rent money and hasn’t paid, been evicted and is still refusing to pay the money owed. Or it could be a loan made between two parties, and the recieving party has missed the payment return date or one of the payment dates, and has yet to make payment.

Either way – usually you will want to either take a legal approach against the person. That may be via your attorneys office and in court, or you may end up passing the debt onto a collections agency. Either process is not exactly fun – the former can cost a lot of money and time, and the latter means that you won’t be getting the full amount owed. Depending on the situation, length of debt etc – a collection agency will buy a debt off you for single cents on the dollar which is never good.

So before you decide to go with either your attorney, or a collections office, it’s good to send one final notice to the recipient informing them that you are going to proceed with one of these avenues, and give them a final chance to pay.

This is where our Final Notice Before Legal Action Form. comes in.

You fill in your information – which is the “Senders” Information, and then the Recipients name and address. If there is an account number for this debt, then we give you the option to include that.

Next you will fill in the amount owed, and as per any form of communication, you should repeat the reasons as to what the debt is for just so there is no confusion. We allow you that option, and we make sure it is very open-ended so you can fill in what you want. That means it is applicable for landlords who may wish to mention rent payment, or for personal debts etc.

If you have already turned it over to a third party, then you can choose “Yes” above and then choose a lawyers office or a collection agency. This will then update the Final Notice template based on that. If you put “No” then it simply warns the recipient that your next step will be contacting a third party to collect the debt.

Finally, you will put in the number of days prior to any legal action being pursued by the third party.

To see a Final Notice Before Legal Action Blank Template, click “Create My Agreement”. Or if you want to see a sample Final Notice form, simply fill in the data with dummy data, and then click “Create My Agreement” and you will see a sample there.

The Final Notice form is fairly straightforward. It explains that you have repeatedly attempted to recover the debt, and that you are turning it over to, or already have turned the debt over to, a third party and that this is their last chance prior to any legal action.