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Fishing Boat Rental Agreement

Want to rent out your boat for fishing purposes? Then our fishing boat rental agreement form will go a long way in ensuring that you’re protected against any damages that may arise when the boat isn’t at your disposal.

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So, if you’re looking to rent out your boat for fishing purposes in one of the popular lakes like Lake St. Clair in Michigan or any other popular fishing spots, our fishing boat rental agreement will come quite handy.

An Overview of Our Fishing Boat Rental Agreement

  • Name and address of both boat owner and renter
  • Details about your boat
  • Rental period including departure and returning port
  • Rental amount and penalties
  • Rules regarding boat usage

Start creating your Boat Rental Agreement for free – click here.

How to Fill the Fishing Boat Rental Agreement Form

Our fishing boat rental agreement is so simple a monkey could do it.

The first section requires owners and renter’s personal information, which includes full name, city, street address, state, and zip code.
Have more than one boat owner or interested renters? Worry no more as our rental agreement foam can accommodate up to two boat owners and four interested renters.

The next section requires you to enter information about your boat. The info captured in this section include boat name, type, make, model, boat year, as well as Hull Identification Number (HIN).

Our fishing boat rental agreement form also includes a section where you can highlight boat rental duration, including start and end dates.
In this section, you should also include the departure port and return port. Want to make your customers feel satisfied and probably garner more return clients? Why not wave them goodbye at the port and arrive early to welcome back to the land on their return date. It’s a noble gesture that will make the renters feel appreciated and highly likely to recommend you.

The next section on this rental agreement form captures details regarding the boat rental amount. You have the option to select how the rent will be paid- either hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or for the entire term. Tick checkbox appropriately regarding the payment method that you accept.

Would you like to charge a fee for late return? If that’s the case, this form allows you to indicate the amount you’d like to charge for late returns.
The last section on this boat rental agreement requires you to highlight the rules for your fishing boat.

What the maximum amount of people allowed on your boat? If there’s a limit, you’ll be able to indicate that. Do you allow your boat to be used for towing purposes, or will you include a trailer with the boat rental?

Additionally, our boat rental agreement form also allows you to indicate restricted areas where the renters shouldn’t sail your boat. Because different states have differing fishing laws, you’ll be able to limit the renters from taking your boat to a state where you’d find yourself with loggerheads with the local authorities.

Did we miss out on anything on our form that you’d like to add? Well, our fishing boat rental agreement allows you to add any other information not highlighted in this form.

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