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Florida Boat Rental Agreements

If you live in Florida and are either looking at renting a boat, or looking at renting ouy your boat – most likely the latter – then you’ve came to the right place because we’ve got a Florida Boat Rental Agreement that will cover everything you need.

Our system makes it extremely easy to create your boat rental agreement too – the whole process won’t take you more than a few minutes.

If you want to get started now, then click and visit our Boat Rental Agreement. Once you do that and put your State as Florida, the form automatically knows that it’s Florida that it is generating a boat rental agreement for and will proceed accordingly with any questions and regulations related to Florida.

You can fill in the information and then click to preview your actual agreement and see what your completed Boat Rental Agreement for Florida has within ih.

Information Needed For A Florida Boat Rental Agreement:

before you can create your boat rental agreement, you need to answer a bunch of questions that our system has for you.

Thankfully, there are not too many to answer.

The first thing you need to fill out is the Owners name and address. Our system is also set up to accommodate multiple owners. Next you will want to put the renters name and address. Again we are set up to allow you to enter multiple renters for the Boat Rental contract.

Third, we need to actually note the details of the boat so we know exactly what the agreement is in reference to. The system prompts you to enter your Boats name, Type, Make, Model, Year and Hull Identification Number.

Next we dive into details as to the boat rental itself. For example the start and end date that the boat will be rented, as well as the departure time and port and returning time of port.

Next we get into the finances of the boat rental – what the actual amount is, how it will be paid, what payment methods are accepted and if there are any penalties such as for late return, and additional charges like a fuel charge or surcharge.

Then we jump into the rules and regulations of the boat and it’s important these are clearly stated in a boat rental agreement. If alcohol is permitted on the boat or not permitted that should be stated, along with the maximum number of people allowed on the boat.

You should also find out the reason for the people renting the boat so you can cover that sort of information within the agreement – like if they are going to be using it for towing purposes you’ll want to allow that etc.

Finally at the bottom of the form we have a few extra additional items that suit every agreement. First if there is something you wish to add our system doesn’t cover we offer the option to add additional points to the contact. Then you will put the date the agreement is being signed and you have the option of adding both proof of service and witnesses to your Florida Boat Rental Agreement.

That’s all that is required – create your Florida Boat Rental Agreement today.