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Freelancer Contract

Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

In this section, list exactly what the freelancer will be doing for you:
Freelancer start date:
Freelancer end date:

Pay Schedule:
$ ie: Weekly then 1000 here means $1,000 weekly.
Payments made:
Are bonuses offered for the work?

Penalty for late pay?

Penalty for project being finished late?

Add details on expenses?

Confidentiality clause required?

Non-compete clause required?

Non-solicitation clause required?

Anything else to add to this contract?

This Contract Will Be Signed:
Add Proof of Service To This Contract:
Add Witnesses to the signing of this Contract:


If you are looking to hire a freelancer to do work for you – you need to get them to sign a freelancer contract.

In this always moving digital world we see people all the time who hire freelancers to do work for them, and then run into problems. A lot of websites for example are hiring freelancers to do work for them. It can be as simple as writing content for a website – but there are always a lot of common issues that arise and why there is a need to have a freelancer contract signed.

If you hire someone for a job and they don’t do it for example – it’s possible you have already paid them, and without a contract it’s going to be a lot harder to get your money back in a court of law. On top of that a freelancing contract also legitimizes the practise and only a serious freelancer will sign the contract.

Even if it is someone you have used before – we highly recommend getting them to sign a freelancer agreement. The reason is most problems arise down the road. You can hire someone to do a job and the first couple of times it works out well – but then you trust them and that’s where issues come up.

It doesn’t even have to be a job for a company or business. If you’re hiring someone to do work on your house for example and you found them off Craigslist – it’s recommended they sign a freelancer contract. Even if you’re paying them in cash – it will protect you.

If you are a freelancer – it’s good to have a contract in hand. How many times have you heard of someone who did a job for someone and then had to chase for payment? It happens a scary amount of times and a freelancer agreement will protect you.

So to fill in the freelancer contract it’s super easy. First of all you put in the name of the client or clients. We have it set up for multiple clients. You put in their name and then their address. The client or clients are the ones doing the freelancer.

Next you list the contractors. This is the freelancers details.

You will then provide details as to what the freelancer is doing. It’s up to you how specific you wish to be but in situations like this it’s a case of the more details, the better.

Next up is the payment section. List how often payments are made, and the amount. Our form is set up to handle all variations of payments including bonuses and penalties and fees. If there are going to be expenses incurred you can even fill in all of the data on those.

Next is the clauses section. You may wish to add confidentiality, non-compete or non-solicitation clauses to your freelancer agreement. These are common – especially the confidentiality if it’s a business.

Once you have filled all that in click to create your agreement and you’ve got your very own personalized freelancer agreement.