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1 Fill in all of the data below to customize the document to your specific requirements.

2 Click "Create my Agreement" to view your document. You can go back and edit at any time.

3 Finalize your document, and then continue to download it in RTF, PDF or HTML Format directly to your computer.

General Release Agreement

Releasors (Releasing The Claim):
Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Releasees: (Being Released From The Claim)
Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Payment for Release?

Provide additional details to personalize the release?

Date You Will Sign This Agreement:
Add Proof of Service To This Agreement:
Add Witnesses to the signing of this Agreement:


This General Release Agreement is set up to allow you to create your very own simple General Release Agreement. It will cover any sort of release required.

Our General Release Form also allows you to set up to 2 releasors, who will be the people who are releasing the claim, and then up to 4 Releasees, who are the people that are being released from the claim.

To fill in our release form it is very simple – first of all, if you are the Releasor, you will put your name and address in the Releasor section above.

Next, you will put the Releasees details. Legally it is required that you put their current address information, as well as their name.

If the releasee is making a payment to you, to be released from the previous contract, then you must actually complete that within the general release form. We have added the option above so that if there is a payment being made, you simply select “yes”.

When you select “Yes” for a Payment for Release, then an additional box will appear below it. Simply put the amount that is being paid by the releasee to be released and that will be added to your customized general release agreement. You don’t need to put the dollar sign – just the amount will do.

If you wish to add any additional details to the General Release, for example provide a few particulars as to what it was in regard to, or add any additional stipulations or terms that we don’t have covered then you can do that as well. That’s the key purpose of ALL forms at – to allow you a nice static base of a form, and then be able to customize it as much as you want to suit your needs.

You can then put in the date that the Release will be signed, or leave it blank. If you leave it blank, there will be blank lines where you can fill it in at a later date. You could also create a standard blank template for your General Release Agreement by adding ________________ to the name and address fields if you are going to create multiple release forms.

What do you do when that’s all done? Simply click “Create My Agreement” and you will see your completed General Release Agreement, ready for download.

You can click “Edit my General Release” on that page to go back and make any changes that you require. When you are happy with it, you simply click “Form Complete? Download Now” and you’re good to purchase your general release agreement.

That’s also a good way to see a general release agreement blank template – if you don’t fill in any data, but just click “Create my Agreement” then you will see the release without any actual data filled in – so you can get an idea of what it will cover.

Upon completion, your agreement will be available in PDF, HTML and RTF format. You can also create unlimited general release forms for the time period that you choose – for example, if you choose “one week” you will be able to not only access your general release form for one week, but also create unlimited general release agreements during that time.