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Landlord Warning: Paul Hilliard and Judy C. Tyler

This is a landlord warning about the following landlords and their last known addresses:

Paul Hilliard
19508 Pairgin Road
Bristol, Virginia 24202

Judy C. Tyler
13950 West Hensley Road
Midlothian, Virginia 23112

In January 2015, these landlords purchased a rent to own agreement via our website for $9.99. It was in regard to a property located at 1544 Maple Ave, Buena Vista Virginia 23112 and their tenant, with the initials JP.

15 months later, we received a notice from our payment processor that the person who purchased this rent to own agreement was doing a chargeback. They stated that it was an unauthorized charge.

So this is a strict warning for people dealing with Paul Hilliard and Judy C. Tyler from Virginia – these people allegedly stole a credit card or used fraudulent details just to avoid a $9.99 charge.

If either of these people need to contact us about this, you can do so here.