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Lead Paint Disclosure

Type of Premises:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Full Name of Seller:

Full Name of Buyer:

Do you wish to include an agents name on this document?

Buyer inspecting premises prior to purchase?

Does the Landlord have knowledge of any lead paint on the premises?

Anything else you wish to add to this notice?

Date You Will Sign This Notice:
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Lead Paint Disclosure:

If you are selling or renting a property, it is recommended that you provide a lead paint disclosure even if you have no knowledge of lead paint on your property. Thankfully if the property is built after 1978 it shouldn’t be an issue – but for any property built prior to 1978 then it could be a factor.

We provide lead paint disclosures in all of our rental agreements, however we have been requested by some visitors for a separate copy of the lead paint disclosure that goes into more detail, and we were happy to oblige with the above lead paint disclosure.

How it works is fairly simple – you fill in the details about the property – address etc – and then the landlords name and the person who is renting or buying the property. If an agent is included on this then you should include their name as well.

Next you need to ask the buyer if they are wanting an inspection for lead paint. If they are not, then check that they are waiving the right to inspection. If they do want an inspection, we will ask you how many days since signing the agreement will the inspection be conducted within.

Next – if you have any knowledge of lead paint on the premises, you need to answer yes to that, then provide details as to where the lead paint is etc. If you have any actual reports from previous inspections about the lead paint hazards, then you should both attach them, and provide some details in regard to the reports.

That’s all that is needed for the filling out process.

You can see what a blank lead paint disclosure looks like by simply clicking “Create My Agreement”. All of the data that you would fill in is listed in there and the form automatically updates itself based on your customization. There is also lots of information within the disclosure in regard to lead paint.

Also attached is a pamphlet entitled “Protect your Family from lead in your Home”. Well, more of an enclosure than a pamphlet but it is good to provide information in regard to lead paint, and you can also contact your local government office to get an updated and professional pamphlet too.

That enclosure provides information for everyone – owners, buyers and renters. It provides a lot of information for the prospective tenant in regard to lead paint, such as how to deal with surfaces that have peeling or chipping paint, and what to do if you believe your home has high levels of lead.

It also provides very detailed information on how people can get lead into their body, as well as the effects and symptoms that exposure can cause, both for children as well as adults, and of course for children under 6 – whom it is the most dangerous for.

So be sure to get this Lead Paint Disclosure – click “Create My Agreement” to get a Lead Paint Disclosure template.