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Lease Agreement Addendum

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What Is A Lease Addendum Agreement?

A lease addendum agreement is when there is already an existing lease agreement between a tenant and a landlord, and you wish to make changes to the existing agreement or add more to the agreement.

For example – within the original lease agreement, it may state no pets are permitted on the property by the tenant. However the tenant may speak to the landlord about this, and the landlord may later decide to allow the tenant to have cats.

However this needs to be mentioned legally somewhere. Otherwise the tenant could get a dog, and problems would arise as there is nothing written down anywhere other than no pets are allowed. It could also protect the tenant in the case of them getting a cat – the landlord wouldn’t be able to change their mind.

This is important to always have written down when adding or modifying an existing lease agreement.

This can also be used as an extension of the original lease, to add terms that were not mentioned in the initial lease. For example – the landlord may have stated that they would pay all utilities within the property, however the tenant then purchases a washer and dryer. The landlord may then wish to add a note that the tenant shares on the utilities or pays all utilities, so you could add that in via the Lease Addendum agreement.

You may also have a standard lease agreement you use for all tenants, however a tenant has special circumstances arise that need you to add details. For example if you stated no smoking on the property but the tenant is a smoker, then they may be allowed to smoke on the balcony.

Rather than create a whole new lease agreement covering this new rule, you would simply get a lease addendum agreement written up adding this new rule, as well as noting the original rule within the original lease agreement.

As you can see above – filling in our lease agreement addendum is extremely easy.

First of all you should put in the basic information, which is the landlord(s) name and address, as well as the tenant(s) name and address. You should also note what property you are referring to. This is also how our state specific lease agreement addendum is created. When you choose the property address, it changes and adds details based on the state.

You should then note the initial date of the original lease agreement signed. If you wish to attach the original lease agreement, and we’d recommend that you do, then we have a checkbox offering that option.

Next, we offer the opportunity to put 1-9 addendum’s within the agreement. In our experience you’ll never need more however if you do please contact us and we will create a custom form at no extra charge.

Our lease addendum agreement presents it via a bullet list, so you can add as many as you want. You would put the Title of the Addendum for example “SMOKING POLICY”, and then below that you will enter in the details.

You can then put the date that this lease addendum agreement must be signed, and if you wish to add proof of service or witnesses, then you can do so.

If you are wanting to see a sample of how it looks, you can simply click “Create My Agreement”. You will then be presented with a blank lease addendum agreement template which will help you out.

We offer state specific Lease Addendum Agreements so simply choose the state that the property is in, and it will customize the completed form based on that state.