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Residential Lease Agreement

Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Premises Type:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Tenant Minimum Age?

Smoking permitted?

Pets permitted?

Provide parking details?

Is the tenant permitted to sublet?

For non-emergency entrance by landlord,
days notice will be provided.

Anything else to add in regard to the premises?

Agreement start date:
Agreement end date:

Tenant will pay rent by the:
Rent amount:

Payment methods accepted:
Rent date:
(ie: beginning of the month)

Payments to go to:

Is there a late rent payment penalty?

Is there a returned/bounced check penalty?

Provide eviction notice/termination details?

Is there a security deposit?
Amount: $
Non-payment of rent:
Days Notice

Is the tenant to conduct any maintenance/duties?

Is the tenant to pay for any utilities?

Is there furnishings or appliances included?

Is there any amenities available for the Tenant to use?

Anything else you wish to add to this Agreement?

Was the premises built after 1978?

Does the Landlord have knowledge of any lead paint on the premises?

Date You Will Sign This Agreement:
Add Witnesses to the signing of this Agreement:

Residential Lease Agreement:

Our residential lease agreement is set up for a landlord and prospective tenant to create a lease agreement for a residence.

Residential lease agreements can be confusing but we aim to make ours as simple as possible to create and use. There may look like a lot of data to fill in but trust us – it’s extremely simple and we hold your hand throughout the process. And if you ask nicely maybe even the monkey will hold your hand!

Let’s go through it section by section:

Landlords: This section is set up for you to fill in the details of the landlords. If there are multiple landlords we allow you to create a lease agreement supporting that – with 2 landlords able to be selected.

Tenants: Many residences will have more than one tenant on the lease. Our residential lease agreement allows you to create a lease agreement which supports up to 4 tenants.

Premises: This section is where you put the type of property such as a house or condo, and then the address of the premises.

Tenant Specific Details:

The next section is to address specific details pertinent to the tenant and the rules. For example you may wish to set a minimum age of the tenant or you may wish to not allow smoking. The big ones of course are whether pets are permitted or not on the premises. You can outline all of the details there.

These options can allow maximum customizability as well. For example “Pets Permitted” is not just a “Yes” – you click that and a text box appears and you fill in what you want. For example if you wanted to permit purely cats or a certain breed of dog.

Agreement Dates: This is where you will list the beginning date of the Lease agreement and the end date.

Rent Details: In this section you get to outline all of the details in regard to the rent. You can choose when rent is paid – whether it be monthly, weekly, annually etc. The amount, and how it will be paid. You can then choose the due date and where payments must go.

Penalties: The next section covers topics such as late rent payment penalties, security deposits etc. Everything is selected “No” by default then you choose what you want to add.

Other Stuff: The rest is general miscellaneous items. For example the tenants responsibilities and duties such as if they are to pay for any utilities or if that is covered. Each segment expands to allow you to fill it in and customize it to your specific needs and requirements so don’t worry – it’s not blanket statements like “tenant pays all utilities” or anything like that.

There’s also a section where you can add anything to the agreement that you wish. This section allows you to add anything not within the lease agreement.

When you are done, click “Create My Agreement” to see your completed residential rental agreement.