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Loan Agreement

Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Borrowing Amount
Repay Amount
Payments Made:
Is there an interest rate?

Will a payment schedule be attached?
Repayments to begin:

Late or Missed Payment Penalty?

Is the borrower providing collateral?

Anything else you wish to add to this Loan Agreement?

Date the Loan Agreement Will Be Signed:
Add Proof of Service To This Loan Agreement:
Add Witnesses to the signing of this Loan Agreement:


This form is set up to allow you to create a loan agreement between multiple parties.

People loan money all the time. Sometimes it is in an official state between a business and a person; other times it is just between two or more people. Friends will lend other friends money, and relatives will lend other relatives money etc.

If it’s for a small amount then you probably don’t need a loan agreement – but if it is for a substantial amount, then it is highly recommended you create a loan agreement to get it all written down.

Sometimes it’s beneficial to get a loan agreement just so the person borrowing the money knows it is a serious matter. More often than not, the person won’t take it seriously and will be late on payments etc – completely unaware of the issues they are causing.

A loan agreement will protect you from that – and if anything happens between you and that person in terms of your relationship – this will also protect you.

Our form is very flexible. It’s set up to allow multiple lenders and borrowers – you can do 2 lenders, as well as up to 4 borrowers.

After you have filled in that data, you should put in the amount that is being borrowed or loaned. Next, the repay amount. Often that will be the same amunt – but other times there will be interest, or even just a flat out deal – “Lend me $500 and next week when I get paid I’ll give you $550”.

Having all of this in the loan agreement also prevents any situations involving “memory loss” when it comes to statements like that.

Next, you can state when the payments will be made. The person borrowing may wish to pay weekly back or a big one time payment. Next you can then set an interest rate on the loan – which is something that is recommended if it is a substantial amount. Remember – this person could go to the bank to get a loan of some money. You are saving them that interest and the hit on their credit – the least they could do is reward you in some way.

If it is a detailed payment schedule with varying amounts etc it’s recommended you create your very own payment schedule and attach it. The document also states when repayments will be made, and if the person borrowing the money misses a payment or is late on the payment, the option to penalize them for this.

Finally, you can state if the person borrowing the money is going to provide any collateral. It is often best to get soemthing like that just in case – even if it is something small. It’s better than nothing.

We also offer the open ended question of adding anything you wish to the agreement in addition to what we offer.

if you want to see a blank template of our loan agreement, click “Create my Agreement” and it will show up there with nothing filled in.