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Maryland Boat Rental Agreement

Do you have a power or cruise boat you want to rent out? The truth about boats is that they need regular maintenance, and renting them out is one way you can ensure that you always have money for this.

If you want to rent your boat in Maryland, you need to develop a Maryland Boat Rental Agreement.

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The same applies if you live in a different state.

We provide a boat rental agreement template, so your work is made easy. Below are the highlights of our template.

Maryland Boat Rental Agreement Template

On the personal information section, write information including your state, street address, and state of residence
The template also allows you to input the renter’s personal information. There are four renters’ information spaces, so you have nothing to worry about when renting to a group.

There’s also a section on boat details, including the type, make, model, and year the boat was manufactured. You should also include the actual name of your boat and the hull identification number.

The payment section captures the payment terms and conditions. First, have you agreed on a down payment?

If the renters pay before taking the boat, how much is this amount, and what duration does it cover? Are your rates charged on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis?

This portion also allows you to select your preferred payment method. With our template, you can choose between cash, credit card, money order, check, and electronic deposit.

Next, you state whether these terms come with conditions. For example, is there a cancellation or late return policy?

Also, make sure to state whether the agreement comes with a fuel charge.

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Boat Rental Details

This section captures the rental duration, dates, and time. You get to include the rental start and end date, the time of departure and return, and the ports where the renter’s pick and drop the boat.

This is an essential section if you want the renters to take good care of your boat as you do. How many individuals are allowed inside?

It is also important to state if the boat can be used for towing services. If the agreement is to explore Potomac River, ensure that you indicate the specific area the boat can be used. A Maryland Boat Rental Agreement covers the whole state, so you may want to be specific about the area of use.

You get an add-other-information tab if you would like to include anything else in the terms and conditions.


This is the last bit of the agreement. You can state the signing date and the witnesses necessary to complete the deal.

You can choose to include a proof of service to the agreement either by mail or delivery.

Once you have filled all the details, click on the create my agreement tab to preview the document. Editing is still allowed at this point.

If satisfied, your Maryland Boat Rental Agreement is now ready for use. Save it on your PC, print it, or send a copy to your client.

Start creating your Boat Rental Agreement for free – click here.