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Notice of Eviction Form Template

All of our forms are set up to apply to the laws and regulations of each individual state. Please select your state so we can configure the document for your specific state regulations.
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Notice of Eviction Form Information:

What is a Notice of Eviction?

A Notice of Eviction Form, also known as a Notice for Eviction Form or an Eviction Notice Letter, is a notice from a landlord to a tenant, warning them of potential eviction from the property that they are currently leasing or renting.

The notice of eviction form is normally delivered to the tenant due to a breach of the lease agreement that the tenant initially signed. Prior to sending an eviction notice, the landlord may also send a breach of lease notice to the tenant, notifying them of any wrongdoings.

If a tenant recieves a notice for eviction letter, it does NOT always mean they are being evicted. Within the print of the letter will be the specific details surrounding the eviction notice, what it actually means, and what is required from the tenant.

In some cases, the eviction notice may mean that the tenant is being evicted from the property. However often, the notice to evict will offer potential resolutions to the situation.

First of all, the eviction notice should specifically state the date of the violation of the lease agreement. It should also contain specific and clear details as to what exactly the violation of the lease or rental agreement was. The landlord may also provide a copy of the original signed lease agreement, outlining the specified writings which were not adhered to.

The landlord will often provide solutions for the tenant within the notice of eviction. Our form above outlines the potential resolutions. The landlord may simply be giving the tenant a warning – and that any future violations of the lease will result in eviction. If the landlord spotted the tenant smoking for example, or knows smoking is happening on the premises, and it was agreed to within the initial rental agreement that the tenant wouldn’t smoke – then this would be a circumstance where the landlord may wish to issue a warning.

The landlord may also be stating the violation, and allowing the tenant a few days to resolve the violation. Usually when the landlord provides a deadline to resolve the violation of the lease within the eviction notice, they will provide 3-5 days notice.

In some cases, the landlord may have listed a specific fine or penalty within the agreed lease agreement with the tenant. If this is the case, then the landlord can list this fee in the notice of eviction, and request that amount due to the violation.

We have also left it all open-ended, as there may be other resolutions. We have an “Other” field above so you can enter in any specific information or additional resolution, or any other details you would like to add.

Sample of an Eviction Notice:

To see a Sample of an Eviction Notice Form, simply click “Build my Notice” above. This will create a blank sample of an eviction notice, with the default details in it. You can also enter a few details or select a few options in our eviction notice form, and see how it all changes within the actual eviction notice sample.

Our eviction notice is set up to handle specific rules in specified states. So if you are looking for a Florida eviction notice or a California eviction notice, then when you specify the state as to which the property is in, then our eviction notice template will change to suit your state specific needs.

Eviction Notice Form Formats:

Upon completion of your custom eviction notice, you may elect to download the form in three specific formats. We offer Rich Text Format which works with any document software like Microsoft Word or iWork or Documents To Go. we also offer it on PDF format which will work with Adobe Acrobat, and in HTML format – this opens in your web browser.

Our forms are always very easy to download and print, with zero change required from your end. We like to keep things as simple as possible.