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Pet Bill of Sale

Type of Animal:
Sex of Animal:

Description of Animal: (In this section, we advise providing details in regard to the animal. Common Examples would be:

Dog/Cat: Breed, Parents names, Colour, Date of Birth.
Other: Type, Date of Birth, Colour, Pattern etc.

Is a pedigree chart/documents attached?

Is animal performing any duties(other than companionship)?

Is there a separate shipping charge?

Is there costs of veterinary services that are added to the purchase price?

Is there a non-breeding clause?

Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Purchase Amount:
Payment Method:

Is buyer paying full amount immediately?

Anything else you wish to add to this Bill of Sale?

Bill of Sale Signature Date:
Add Proof of Service To This Bill of Sale:
Add Witnesses to the signing of this Bill of Sale:

Pet Bill of Sale Details:

Our Pet Bill of Sale form is set up to allow you to create a Bill of Sale for any pet with ease.

The most common bill of sale we see is a Dog Bill of Sale however our Pet Bill of Sale is set up to accomodate any animal.

Whether it is a cat that you are selling or a dog or a budgie or a goldfish! We’ve made it easy for you to use any animal when it comes to our bill of sale for bets.

What’s great is when you purchase the firm, you get to create unlimited pet bill of sales. So if you have 6 dogs and 3 cats that you are selling? No problem – just the one time purchase and then you can create as many pet bill of sales as you want.

It’s a very simple pet bill of sale form to create – I mean that’s the whole point of of course! It’s not a free pet bill of sale form but it is very cheap to purchase and you can come back and create additional pet bill of sales anytime.

Let’s take you through the steps required to create your pet bill of sale, and how it all works:

Pet Bill of Sale Template:

We essentially have a pet bill of sale blank template that you then fill in by us asking you questions.

The questions you answer will then allow us to formulate a customized pet bill of sale template to match your needs.

First we ask you the type of animal and the sex of the animal. With so many types of animals out there we’d rather just have you type it in, as opposed to listing all of the different types in a drop down menu. As no doubt there are some people looking to sell gerbils or something!

Then we ask you to provide descriptions of the animal. We provide a few examples but it’s generally the breed, the parents names, date of birth and anything else you wish to include. You don’t have to mention breeding history or anything like that as we cover that below.

In saying that our breeding history section only asks if you are actually including a breeding history attached to the bill of sale or not. If you aren’t attaching one you may wish to mention something within there.

Once you’re done you move onto the Q&A section which will ask you if a pedigree chart or documents are attached. Then there’s a section asking if the animal is going to be performing any duties other than companship – for example for breeding, or for racing.

If you are shipping the animal you may want to include shipping details and we have a section there listing all that.

Then there is a section for details on veterinary services and whether or not there is a non-breeding clause.

Next you personalize the pet bill of sale with the seller and purchasers names. Finally the purchase section where you add in the financial details.

And that’s how you create the Pet Bill of Sale, nice and simple.