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1 Fill in all of the data below to customize the document to your specific requirements.

2 Click "Create my Agreement" to view your document. You can go back and edit at any time.

3 Finalize your document, and then continue to download it in RTF, PDF or HTML Format directly to your computer.

Photo Release Form

Photographer/Photography Studio:
Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Is the subject over the age of majority?

Anything else you wish to add to this release form?

Date You Will Sign This Release Form:
Add Proof of Service To This Agreement:
Add Witnesses to the signing of this Agreement:


This is our photograph release form, also known as a photo consent form.

If you are a photographer or own your own photography studio and are taking photographs or video of people or models, then you need to get them to sign one of these consent forms. It’s also known as a model consent form in some parts.

Filling in our photograph release form is very easy too – we’ve provided you with a customizable release form that is “good to go”. You take just a few minutes to fill in all the details, and then you can print it out.

Also if you want multiple photograph release forms then don’t worry – because our system allows you to create unlimited forms at no extra charge. After you’ve created one you are then able to access the form for the time that you chose, and then create multiple.

We also will allow you to create a blank photograph release form. It’s just a case of where the fields above ask for names, simply put ____________ and it will use that and allow you to print off a whole stack of them.

So how do you go about filling in the photograph release form?

Very very easy.

First you fill in the photographer or photography studio name above. You only need to do that the once, then in the completed form you will see it is repeated where necessary.

Next you fill in the subject. If you wish to leave it blank, as we said above – simply add the underscore line ____________ and it will show up like that in the form. That way you can print off multiple photograph release forms and never have to go back and do editing.

Next, you have to indicate whether the subject is over the age of majority. If you say yes then the completed form will allow them to sign their name. If the subject is not over the age of majority there will be a sentence stating that, and then the person responsible for the subject must sign the document.

If you wish to add any other details – such as explaining what the photography session is for, then we offer the option to do that. Then you can add the date that the form will be signed or leave it blank, as well as add witnesses or proof of service.

When you are all done – you can click “Create My Agreement” and see a nice Photography Release Form Template with all of your customized data. If you just want to see a Consent to Photograph sample then don’t even fill in any data – just click “Create My Agreement” and good to go.

Once you do that, you’ll see the document that is available for printing. It states the subjects name initially, and that they give permission for the photographs by the studio to be used in any form of media and for any purpose.

It next states that the term “photograph” used within the document actually covers all forms of media, such as photograph, audio recording and video footage.

It states that the subject agrees in regard to the photographs usage in all markets, as well as releasing any employees or related people to the photography studio from any claims.

And of course the subject waives the rights for any approval rights.

If the subject is not of age, there is an additional line in regard to that, and that there is a representative who is agreeing to all of this.

Once complete, you will be able to download your completed photography consent form in RTF, PDF and HTML format.