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Photograph Submission Agreement

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Photograph Submission Agreement

A photograph submission agreement is required when a photographer is submitting a photograph, or set of photogramhs to a company.

The photograph submission agreement covers a lot of things which informs a photographer of their rights, as well as states exactly what the company will be doing with the photograph and what rights they actually have with the photograph.

Before we get into explaining what makes up a photography submission agreement – let’s quickly explain how to fill in the form above.

Photograph submission agreements are actually quite complicated – but we’ve made it ridiculously simple to set up.

You just put in the photographer details – which is their name as well as their address, and the company who is in reciept of the photograph. You put in their details as well, then you will put in the title of the photograph in question, or the title of the set of photographs that are being submitted.

We should also note that if you look at the agreement on the next page and feel like there is something that should be included which isn’t, simply click “Yes” under “Anything else you wish to add to this notice”. At that point you will be given the option to add anything you wish to the agreement.

Okay so once you have that all done – or if you just wish to see a blank photograph submission agreement then click “Create My Agreement” above. It will generate a photograph submission agreement with all the data you have filled in. And even if you are missing data it will still create the agreement for you so you can see exactly what is included in it.

There’s a lot to it – 12 separate sections but they cover everything required to protect both parties.

For example it states that the photographer grants a non-retractable, royalty-free worldwide license for the photograph. This permits the company to use the photograph in any material they require in any manner without having to pay any more funds at a later date to the photographer.

It also states that the photographer has retained a copy of the photo and question and that the company does not have to return the photo. So make sure the photographer is aware of this and has a copy.

There is much more to it of course and as mentioned there is a lot of sections. So be sure to read through it all thoroughly.

A copy of the photograph may also wish to be attached to this agreement.

Upon completion you will be able to download the photography submission agreement and access it via various different formats. It’s available for all operating systems and we have it in three separate formats. The first is PDF which is commonly opened in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. The next format is RTF which is Rich Text Format and available in any word processing software to open such as Microsoft Word. Even Wordpad. Finally you can open it in HTML format which means all you need is a web browser.