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Pontoon Boat Rental Agreement

Pontoon Boat Rental Agreement is a document signed between a boat owner and the person who intends to rent a boat. A formal written agreement when renting out your boat is the baseline to ensuring that the boat stays in perfect condition when at the hands of someone else.

To ensure that you are covered legally, your Pontoon Boat Rental Agreement form should cover lots of specifics.

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The most common reason as to why you should sign an agreement as a Pontoon Boat owner is to ensure that you get your boat back on time. This form will have you covered as you’ll be able to indicate the amount you’d wish to charge for late return as well as other requirements regarding your boat.

Mandatory Details in a Boat Rental Agreement

  • Both parties (boat owner and renter) full names and physical addresses
  • Boat specifics- including boat name, make, type, model, boat year and Hull Identification Number (HIN)
  • Boat rental amount and other payment requirements
  • Boat capacity

What’s Included in Our Pontoon Boat Rental Agreement?

Start creating your Boat Rental Agreement for free – click here.

Our Pontoon boat rental agreement form includes a section where the boat owner and the renter will enter their personal information, which includes full names and physical addresses.

As a boat owner, ensure you check for ID on the person intending to rent your boat and make sure it’s valid. This way, you’ll be able to track them down in case something happens.

Include as much information about your boat as possible. Luckily, our form allows you to input almost everything, including boat name, type, make the model as well as Hull Identification Number (HIN).

The next section on our boat rental agreement requires you to indicate the rental period. When the rental starts and when it ends. Include information such as departure port, return port as well as the returning time.

The boat rental amount section requires you to include the rental amount, mode of payment, and how it’s paid. It’s in this section where you’ll highlight whether or not to charge a late return penalty. Additionally, you can also include a fuel charge and a cancellation clause. Our form is customized in such a manner that it suits every single need of anyone wishing to create a boat rental agreement in Pontoon.

The last section on our form captures information regarding boat specifics. This is an easy to fill section. Simply indicate the maximum number of people allowed on the boat.

Additionally, you have the option to either ban or allow alcohol. This section also allows you to inform the renter whether you allow your boat to be used for towing purposes.

Pontoon boats are incredibly stable and allow for wobble-free sailing most of the time. Unfortunately, in severe storms, pontoon boats are more dangerous than V-hull boats. For this reason, our boat rental agreement form allows you to create boat limitations, including not letting the rent to use the boat after a certain time or in a specific area, thus guarantying the safety of the renters.

Start creating your Boat Rental Agreement for free – click here.