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Probation Extension

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Full Name:
Job Title:

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Date Probation was Discussed:
Date Probation Extended Until:

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A probation extension form is used when a business company wishes to extend the probationary period of an employee.

Probationary periods are normal within businesses and it’s always recommended that a business put any new employee on a probationary period. The reasons should be obvious but the main one is you just never know what an employee is like. They can sit through 5 rounds of interviews but sometimes people interview extremely well, however when it comes to the job they can’t do it.

However sometimes the initial probationary period just isn’t long enough to judge an employee and it needs to be extended. That’s what our probation extension form is for and it makes it extremely easy for you to extend a probation.

First of all you must enter the company details in the form above, as well as the name of the employee or manager who will be signing off on the employee probation extension agreement, as well as their job title.

You must then provide the details of the employee. Not much is needed here – just their current job title as well as their name – both first and last name.

You may wish to add a detailed description of what the job entails. This is good as both an identifier and also a reminder of what is required within the job. It should have been outlined initially but it is smart to add it again. Please note that you should not amend the job description in any way from the original. Or if you are then you should add a special section just for that and make sure to highlight it for the employee to see.

You should have also had a meeting with the employee, or have one to discuss the extension of the probationary period. You can put that in at the “Date Probation Was Discussed” option. For most people they will simply put todays date assuming they will be meeting with the employee that day.

Next you must put the date that the probation is being extended until.

Now we leave it open ended for you. If you are happy with that then great. If there are more things you wish to add to the employee probation agreement such as new provisions etc then you can click “Yes” at “Anything else you wish to add to this Extension?”. There, a text box will appear and you can add anything new. This is what makes our forms so highly customizable – the ability to add anything you wish.

Within the probation extension itself – once it is created that is – it will be written as a letter to the employee. It will state that the probation period has been discussed and that it will be extended to the date listed above.

It will also state everything that was discussed. It is a personal yet professional letter to the employee covering everything about the probation period.

Once completed you will be able to download it in Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Internet Explorer or any other web browser, PDF viewer or Word Processing Software and print it.