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Promissory Note Form Template

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Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Borrowing Amount
Repay Amount
Repayments Made:
Is there interest on the loan?

Attaching a payment schedule?
Repayments will begin:

Late/Missed Payment Penalty?

Is collateral being provided by the borrower?

Anything else you wish to add to this promissory note?

Date the Promissory Note Will Be Signed:
Add Proof of Service To This Promissory Note:
Add Witnesses to the signing of this Promissory Note:

Promissory Note Form Information:

What is a Promissory Note?

A promissory note is a contract or agreement between two parties. The promissory note is created when one party is borrowing money from another party. People lend and borrow money every day, and problems can arise if the transaction is not documented. By creating a simple promissory note, this will stop any of the potential issues as it will clearly date the information about the loan, and any payment or penalty information.

The promissory note we provide is a very clear, professional and simple form for you to use. It clearly details everything that is required within a promissory note, and we offer our promissory note template for you free to view. To view the blank promissory note template simply click “Build My Contract” above. That will create a blank promissory note sample for you to see. Then you can go back and add in the required information.

The promissory note should always provide the name and addresses of the lender, as well as the borrower. You may wish to include multiple people for lending or borrowing, and our promissory note loan agreement is set up for you to do just that.

The promissory note must detail the amount of money that is being borrowed. You should also note within the loan agreement when money will be paid back – for example there may be a one-time payment at a specified date for the full amount. You may however wish to include weekly or monthly payments.

If you wish to charge interest, it should be listed in the promissory note, with the specific percentage and when exactly the interest charge shall be added to the monies owed.

If you want to charge a penalty for any late payments,you will need to list this within the loan agreement. You may also wish for the borrowing party to offer collateral. This needs to be in the loan agreement if so, to protect the persons property.

We also leave our promissory note open-ended. You may want to add in additional details that we haven’t covered – so there is a nice big box for you to create additional details if you need to.

Promissory Note Sample:

To see a sample of a promissory note, simply click “Build my Agreement” above. That shall create a blank template of a Promissory Note without any of the information filled in. That is a good example of a promissory note letter for you to see. Then you can go back and start filling in the required information to create your exact promissory note form.

Free Promissory Note Forms:

Upon activation of your first promissory note, you will have the ability to create free promissory notes. You can create an unlimited amount of promissory notes, for the minimum of one week and longer if you choose.

Promissory Note Formats:

We should also note here that our promissory note is set up in a very professional yet clear format for you to use. It provides all relevant details that is required for a promissory note.

You will be able to download or print your promissory note in a variety of formats. We offer our documents in Rich Text Format, PDF format and HTML format. This means you can download or print your Promissory Note in Adobe Acrobat, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, iWorks or practically any other software out there. We aim for maximum compatibility.

All of our forms are also available for download in your preferred format, meaning you can take the form elsewhere if you need to make adjustments or print the promissory note. You can also log onto the website at any time and make changes to your promissory note or loan agreement.