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Rent Increase Notice Template

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What is a Rent Increase Notice?

A landlord generally has the right to raise the rent amount of a property. There may of course be some restrictions on how much they can raise the rent amount and when they can raise the rent amount based on the initial lease agreement signed between the landlord and tenant, however at the end of the day the landlord has the right to increase rent at any time.

Of course you can’t just raise the rent whenever you feel like it – prior to increasing the rent you need to notify the tenant of the specific details in regard to increasing the rent. This is why you would issue the tenant with a rent increase notice.

You must provide your tenant with a notice of rent increase in a timely manner, indicating all the specific details in regard to the rent increase.

A rent increase notice will offer the same details, be it for a commercial property rent increase or a residential rent increase.

For clarity sake, you should list the landlords name and address on the notice of rent increase, as well as the tenants name and address and the property name and address.

You should then be extremely specific in regard to the math behind the rent increase, so that there is no margin for error. State the current rent amount, the amount of money that the rent will increase by, and then the new rent amount after the increase.

You need to also date your letter, as well as provide the specific date that the rent shall be increased.

Finally, you may wish to add proof of delivery or receipt to the increase of rent notice, to ensure that the tenant has received it.

Above, we offer our rent increase notice form generator. How it works is simple – you take a couple of minutes to fill in all of the required information, and it takes that information and turns it into a professional rent increase notice that you can immediately print off and send to your tenants.

It’s important that you don’t forget any details when it comes to issuing a rent increase notice, so don’t take a chance. Use our rent increase notice form generator above to create the perfect rent increase notice.

Rent Increase Notice Template:

If you want to see a sample of a rent increase notice, or a blank template of a rent increase, then you can simply click “Build My Notice” above. What this will do is create a blank rent increase so you have a general idea of the information that is contained within the rent increase notice.

You can also add in the required information and generate the rent increase notice template based on that. If you want to try out the different variables you can do that too, and see how each one affects the rent increase notice sample.


We’re all about maximum compatibility here at Simple Forms. Upon completion of your rent increase notice letter, you will be provided the form in three separate formats available for both download, and to print.

The first format is the Rich Text Format, or an RTF file. RTF files can be open with any Word Processing software. This includes Ability Write, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, GoogleDocs, Corel Write and various other programs.

The second format is HTML format. This will allow you to open the rent increase notice in any web browser.

The final format is PDF format, which will work with Adobe Acrobat. This is also the preferred format for people without printers at home. They can send the file to their local Staples store or any other store with a copy and print option, and have the file printed remotely. By sending it in PDF format it means there is zero change of any issues in regard to the print quality.