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Rental Application Form

Our rental application form is set up for maximum customization. Any and every detail you could ever request is in here, and by default selected "Yes". If you do not require certain information from your tenants, simply click "No" and that will not be listed on the rental application form.

Full Name of Landlord:

Type of Premises:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Applicants Name?

Applicants Date of Birth?

Applicants Phone Number?

Applicants Work Phone Number?

Applicants Mobile Phone Number?

Applicants Social Security Number?

Applicants Drivers License Number?

Do You Wish To Ask About the Applicants Current Living Arrangements?

Applicants Current Address?

Length they Lived at their current address?

Ask the Reason for leaving their current address?

Ask current rent amount?

Ask Current Landlords Name?

Ask Current Landlords Phone Number?

Ask for details about current job?

Ask current salary?

Ask about any additional income?

Ask for previous employment details?

Ask for details about spouses current job?

Ask spouses current salary?

Ask Banking Details?

Ask If Ever Evicted?

Ask if Ever a Foreclosure or Repossession?

Ask If Ever Filed For Bankruptcy?

Ask if convicted of a crime?

Personal References Required - up to 4:
Ask for an emergency contact?

Ask who else will be living in property? (ie: children)

Ask if they will be bringing pets?

Ask if they smoke?

Ask for details on motor vehicles that will be kept on the property?

Expected Possession Date:
Anything else you wish to add to this application form?

Todays Date:

Customizable Rental Application Form:

This is our highly customizable and easily printable rental application form.

We have created this rental application form with as much customization options as possible. Even options where we KNOW you will never have to remove – such as requesting the applicants name – we’ve included as optional. Just because we can!

Let’s go through the form section by section and quickly explain it.

First of all, you have the option of choosing multiple landlords. If there’s 1 name just put in your name, and if there are two landlords select the number 2 and choose that.

Next, you need to choose the type of property and then the address of the property.

Then we move onto the applicants personal information. Here, you can choose to request their name, date of birth, phone number, work phone number, mobile phone number, social security number and drivers license number. Whew!

Note that while it is not illegal to request the social security number, the tenant does not have to provide it. You may wish to omit that one. However for your ease, we have set our custom rental application up with EVERYTHING selected as “yes” as we know the majority of it you will need. Anything you don’t want to include, simple click “No” beside it.

So okay – that’s the applications personal information all requested. But you may want to know information about their current living situation, so you can check with their existing landlord about whether or not they’re a good tenant!

So in that section, you can choose to ask about their current living arrangements. We then offer a wealth of options such as their current address, the length of time they have lived there, the rent amount they pay, and then the reason for moving. Sometimes it is good to know that, to make sure there were no issues. And of course requesting their current landlords name and phone number is quite important so you can check with them.

Next you may want to ask about your tenants employment status, to make sure they can actually afford to pay rent. You can ask them about their current job – where they work, how much they earn and what they do for a living. You can also ask for details about any previous jobs they have had.

If they have a spouse, you may wish to ask for information about them and their job situation. Our customizable printable rental application offers you the option to do that.

Next is the credit check – where you ask about their banking details. Our form will request details about their bank account and bank account number, so you can verify with the bank they actually have an account. You may wish to ask if they have been evicted, had a foreclosure or filed for bankruptcy.

You can also ask if they have been convicted of a crime. This does not include traffic tickets. Please verify with state laws about whether or not you can ask this. Usually you can – you just can’t ask if they were arrested. And some states will not permit you to refuse a tenant based on a criminal history alone.

You may also wish to request personal references. We have included the option to ask for 4 references. The default is 3 as based on a survey of landlords, 3 was the number they usually asked for. You then may need an emergency contact. It’s usually a good idea to get that dealt with as soon as possible, so that is on file.

Then we have the miscellaneous section where you can ask who will be living on the property with them, if they are bringing pets and if they smoke. We also allow you to request up to 4 motor vehicles that may be parked on the property and they can provide the details about them.

Whew – a lot of stuff huh? When you’re done, click “Create My Agreement” and you can see your rental application. If you are happy with it, click “Form Complete? Download Now” where you can access it in RTF, PDF and HTML format allowing you to print it with ease.