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Roommate Agreement Contract Template

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Number of Roommates:

Premises Type:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Any extra details to add about the property?

Existing lease with landlord of these premises?

Agreement Type:

Agreement Start Date:

Agreement Renewal Cycle:
Termination Notice - Days Notice:

Pets permitted on property?
Smoking permitted on property?

Provide Parking Details?

Rent Payments Made Out To:
Rent Due Date(ie: 1st of month):
Late rent payment penalty?

Returned/Bounced Check Penalty?

Total Amount of Security Deposit(All Roommates Combined): $

If moving out, is it the roommates responsibility to find a replacement?
If moving out, is it the roommates responsibility to pay for rent until end of current lease, or when a new roommate moves in?
Will the current roommates have to approve any potential replacement roommates?

Do you wish to provide living arrangement details?

Do you wish to provide specific details about utilities?

Are household chores divided between roommates?

Anything else you wish to add to this contract?

Date You Will Sign This Agreement:

Roommate Agreement Contract Form Information:

What is a Roommate Agreement Contract?

A roommate agreement is a written contract between roommates, outlining all of the duties and responsibilities that is expected of the roommates.

It’s no understatement that one major problem that the majority of people will experience in life is when dealing with a roommate. Whether the person is a close friend or an unknown person you will be sharing an abode with – there are always going to be problems. Ask ANYONE who has had a roommate in the past, and no doubt they’ll be able to share their negative experiences with you.

A roommate agreement is set up as a contract between the roommates to hopefully stop the majority of potential issues from arising. Issues arise between roommates usually due to rent or bill payments, chores etc – and a roommate agreement is a great way to stop any of these issues before they arise. It’s a serious, legal document which quite clearly will state the roles and responsibilities of every roommate.

And don’t worry – this isn’t the Big Bang Theory Roommate Agreement! This is a much simpler roommate agreement that is set up for you to be able to create in five minutes. Although we do allow you to enter additional details, just in case you wish to add a one day notice for any female guest sleepovers, or whether you want to write specific conditions if aliens attack the premises. And you know – you may want to add those just for fun. It will take the serious tone off the roommate agreement and stop any potential early hostility.

So – how do you fill in a roommate agreement? Well if you look above you’ll see we offer EVERYTHING for you. Anything that any roommate agreement needs, is listed above. It’s up to you as to what you want to enter – everything is defaulted at “No” and then you can change it if you wish to add any specific details.

The basic information of course should be added, which is information about the premises – such as the address. You should also state whether there is a lease already with the landlord, and if so who the landlord is. You should also provide the basic regulations as set by the original lease agreement, in regard to whether smoking or pets are allowed on the property.

Our form allows you to fill in up to four roommates. If you need more than that then just contact us and we’ll see what we can do. At the bottom of the form is also the option to enter extra details, and you may wish to include that there.

Payment information is a must. You should state how much rent is due, and if there is an amount to be contributed to the security deposit. Also if the roommates are to pay a percentage of utilities, that should be listed too. The length of the agreement must be written down in the contract as well.

You should list who payments are made to – which is usually the primary tenant, and the person who is on the actual lease agreement. You may also want to list penalties in regard to late payments or returned checks – that will stop any “I’ll pay you tomorrow” excuses, when you provide your legal roommate contract to them.

In some cases, the roommate may be required, prior to leaving the property to move elsewhere, to find another roommate to take over their portion. If that is the case, please document that within the roommate contract. The existing roommates may wish to have the option to approve or reject the potential new roommate as well, which should be written down.

You should also list details in regard to roommate responsibilities, such as whether or not they will pay for internet, if they are responsible for rent until the end of the roommate agreement, or set up and detail chores.

Whether it’s a friend or not – ALWAYS get a roommate agreement contract. You just never know when you will need it, and it sets a professional tone for your tenure at this property.

Roommate Agreement Formats:

Our Roommate Agreement Form is set up super easy – it’s a Free Roommate Agreement Form for viewing purposes. Simply click “Build my Agreement” to create your roommate agreement after filling in all of the above information.

After purchase, the form will be available to you in RTF, PDF and HTML Format. This means that the roommate agreement is friendly for all Operating Systems, be it Windows, Linux, Apple etc. Hell it’ll even work on your uncles old Windows 95 machine!

The roommate agreement is available for download or print, so you can even download it to your iPhone and use Documents To Go or another app to access, edit and print your Roommate Agreement if you wish.