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Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy

Like everything we do on this site, we want to keep things as simple as possible. That includes our terms and conditions and privacy policy, which we know can be frustrating to read at times. So let’s cover everything as nice and simple as possible:

Satisfaction Guarantee: We offer 100% complete satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with our service or the forms you get then contact us. We’ll see if we can resolve the issues. If we can’t? We’ll send you a full refund. Simple as that.

Disclaimer: Landlord and tenant laws are changing all the time, as are employment laws etc. Sometimes minor, sometimes major. Some are on a State level, others a city level. We do our best to keep up to date on all of the laws in each jurisdiction and update our forms accordingly but we’re only human. It’s your responsibility as a landlord or as someone creating a form to be aware of all of the rules and laws in your jurisdiction and make sure the final agreement you create will comply with it. We are not responsible for any mistakes in that regard and offer no warranty in regard to the legal effect of our forms, or of the completeness of them.

It’s On You: You’re the one creating the form and everything is your responsibility. We had a landlord once who meant to charge $1300 rent per month, but in the form he was creating he wrote “$130” instead and didn’t notice it and him and the tenant agreed to the lease at $130 per month. It was only when he received the first rent payment check did he realize the mistake. Unfortunately things like that aren’t our responsibility as it was the landlord that was specifically inputting the data.

So basically don’t just blindly enter everything in and then trust it’s right okay? For any completed forms be sure to give them a thorough look over. And while we can’t and won’t offer legal advice if you have any questions about a portion of a form be sure to drop us an e-mail and we’ll explain it to you.

Payments: All payments for forms are handled via the Payment Processor That is what will show up on your credit card statements. You see on your credit card? That’s most likely us. They use for processing and none of your payment data like credit card numbers etc are held by us. We also do not have any access at any time to any of your payment information.

Personal Information: We collect basic personal information from you which is your e-mail address. However all of the forms you create will also cause your personal information such as name and address to be stored within our archives. At no point do we look at that data unless there is an issue with your account that you need us to fix – but just note that we can see the forms you are creating too. If you ever want them deleted just send us an e-mail and we can delete any from our database, as well as delete your account.

We don’t do anything with the personal information we collect(your e-mail address) except to contact you if there is an issue.

Non-Personal Information: We collect broad data via Google Analytics. Basically what city/state you’re from, what web browser you’re using and other technical details. We only use this information to accomodate you. If we see 10% of visitors using Internet Explorer Version 6 for example, we’re gonna make damn sure our site works perfectly for you guys despite it being an ancient browser. That sort of thing.

Web Browser Cookies: Our website will create cookies on your computer. This is only done so that you can stay logged in on the site and to make sure the data you are inputting transfers from page to page without any issues. You can refuse cookies by changing the settings in your web browser. However please note if cookies are refused it may cause issues when it comes to creating forms.

Sharing Your Personal Information: We do not share your personal information with anyone. We don’t share it with third parties, with affiliates or anything. We don’t share demographic information with anyone either. So you never have to worry about that.

Last Updated: We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions at any time. However we will log all updates below and retain any old terms and conditions with dates to note when they were last used. All changes are logged and archived.

The T&C was last updated on May 8th, 2014.