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Vehicle Bill of Sale Form Template

All of our forms are set up to apply to the laws and regulations of each individual state. Please select your state so we can configure the document for your specific state regulations.
Vehicle Identification #: (VIN):

Is there any outstanding claims/liens?

Is an inspection report attached?

Is the vehicle being bought "as is"?

Odometer Current Reading:

Is the odometer reading accurate?
Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Full Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Purchase Amount:
Payment Method:

Anything else you wish to add to this Bill of Sale?

Bill of Sale Signature Date:
Add Proof of Service To This Bill of Sale:
Add Witnesses to the signing of this Bill of Sale:

Vehicle Bill of Sale Form Information:

What Is A Vehicle Bill of Sale?

Our vehicle bill of sale, or motor vehicle bill of sale, is set up as a generic vehicle bill of sale. What this means, is that you can use our motor vehicle bill of sale for all sorts of motor vehicles. If you are selling a car for example, then this is set up as a bill of sale for a car.

We know all forms of automobiles will be required for a bill of sale, which is why our template is set up to handle all types of automobiles and vehicles. Rather than restrict you to just a car for example, you could use our vehicle bill of sale to sell a motorbike or motorcycle.

No matter what type of car you are selling – our bill of sale is set up to accommodate you. Rather than restrict you to a selection we leave questions about the car model, make and year open-ended. Whether it’s a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire or a Ford Freestar 2006, you will be able to use our bill of sale form no problem.

Our Bill of Sale generator also customizes the template based on whatever state that you currently reside in. When you fill in the information for the sellers address, the form template will automatically update itself to include any pertinent information for the state that you are in. So whether you are looking for a Georgia Bill of Sale, Florida Bill of Sale or Texas Bill of Sale – our form will accommodate you. It’ll do all the hard work for you leaving you to focus on one thing – selling your car!

A bill of sale is required as documentation between the seller and the purchaser of any sort of vehicle, to provide proof that a contract was agreed to, and that payment was made. This is practically a requirement and it will stop any potential legal concern from either end. With a signed document, the seller is able to take the purchaser to court if they default on their payments. On the flip side of the coin, it protects the purchaser and provides proof that they purchased the vehicle.

A bill of sale is a standard legal document required for any sale, especially when it comes to vehicles. It’s also very reassuring to both parties that are making the transaction.

We have created the bill of sale template above to cover all required information in case of any mishaps that could occur later with the vehicle. It is required that you specifically state the Odometer reading for example – so that is listed. We’ve also offered optional fields to cover anyone looking to purchase a bill of sale form.

As you can see – we give the option to choose whether the vehicle is “as is”. This effectively turns it into an “as is” bill of sale, because if you click “Yes” then you will be able to provide information as to any repairs required on the vehicle, or any problems with it, and the condition with it.

To accommodate everything and everyone, we also allow you to designate the Odometer reading in BOTH Miles or Kilometers.

If there is any outstanding liens against this vehicle, it is required that you list this in the Bill of Sale so that the purchaser is made aware of this. Please provide as many details as possible in regard to any claims.

You may wish to include an inspection report with the bill of sale. If you are doing that, please be sure to check the check-box above. It is important that it is stated within the document whether or not an inspection report was attached, and will protect you in case any problems arise.

Our bill of sale is also set up for both multiple sellers, and multiple purchasers.

Finally, we offer the payment information where you choose the amount, and then the method of payment.

To see a blank template of our bill of sale form, click the button above to create your bill of sale. This will create a blank sample of our bill of sale form, then you can go back and enter in all the details.

Vehicle Bill of Sale Template Formats:

Once you have completed your bill of sale, you will be able to download it in a variety of formats. We currently offer it in Rich Text Format, HTML Format and PDF Format.

This offers maximum compatibility for you. You will be able to open and print the template in ANY web browser, word processing software or Adobe Acrobat.