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Washington State Boat Rental Agreement

If you are renting out a boat, you need a rental agreement covering more than just the basics. A well-done agreement will cover you legally in any eventuality.
A blanket agreement will not work in all circumstances. For example, suppose the person renting the boat is in Washington. In that case, you need a Washington State Boat Rental Agreement covering the state rules and regulations.

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Washington State Boat Rental Agreement Requirements

The agreement should contain both the owner and the renter’s personal information. You should be able to fill the co-owner’s details too, and more than one renter’s if a group is taking the boat.

Be sure to include accurate addresses, ID, and names in case either of the parties has to track each other down.

The boat name, type, model, make, and year should also be included in the agreement. You also need to note the boat hull number.

Rental Details

When is the start and end of the rental period? Where will the boat be picked from and returned after use? This section captures this information, and much more.

You can fill in the departure and return time so your client will not be confused about the timings.

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First, you state the full amount as agreed with the renter. You can go ahead to state whether this amount is paid for the entire duration or for a day, week, or month.

Next, you get to select the payment methods you prefer. You can choose cash, debit card, and check, among others.

You also state if there will be a penalty for cancellation or late return. One of the problems boat owners encounter with renters is late return, so a late return penalty will shield you against this.

How many people are allowed inside the boat? Can the renters take alcohol while inside the boat or not?

This part captures the rental terms and conditions. The agreement also allows you to state if the boat should be used for towing or not, and the areas the renter is permitted to take the boat.

In the case of Washington State Boat Rental Agreement, use should be restricted within the state. You can also specify the location in case the renter has only expressed interest in exploring one lake.

Additional Information

There is also a portion for adding any data you feel wasn’t captured in any of the above sections. While the template is quite comprehensive, you may have a few specific terms you want the renters to understand and follow.

This is where you put down the signatures and the date this is completed. You may also include some witnesses and specify how the proof of service is completed.

Now that your Washington State Boat Rental Agreement is ready click generate to see how the document looks like. You can still edit the agreement further if necessary.

Once you are satisfied with the final document, you can choose to print it or send it to your client. You can also save the document in your PC in RTF, HTML, or PDF.

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